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October 22, 2012

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Raise Your Hand!We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian Cyberstalking Victimization Crowdmap Project - Raise Your Hand!: https://crowdmap.cyberstalking.ca/ 

Canadian statistics on cyberstalking victimization are rarely available to the public. This crowdmap project seeks to provide cyberstalking victims with a voice, by allowing them to anonymously Raise Their Hand to show they
have been, or are, being stalked online by someone who makes them fear for their life. 

A crowdmap is geographical database of anonymous reports from the public, collected by voluntary participation, a tactic known as crowdsourcing.

Reports can be filed through our secure web site, via e-mail, and through apps available for iPhone and Android smartphones. 

Canadian Victims of cyberstalking can report on their situation and  their general location (by city only) on a map, which will enable the public to see the number of cyberstalking cases which take place in Canada.  The map is interactive and filterable, allowing users to screen for both location and duration of cyberstalking.   Additional information can be posted in each report, which will be edited to preserve privacy. 



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Donations by corporations and businesses are extremely important to us. To reflect this, we provide corporate donors with a range of recognition options on our web site, in our projects, and in tangible awards. See our donations area or download the VAOR Corporate Sponsorship flyer for detailed information!

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