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VRA Core Survey and Analysis and Implementation Registry

The VRA Core Survey Analysis is now available.   The first VRA Core survey, which was conducted from February 1, 2010 to March 5, 2010, was administered by the VRA Core Survey Committee as part of the continuing work of the Visual Resource Association’s (VRA) Data Standards Committee (DSC). The purpose of the survey was to learn about both the Core’s current and potential users. Current users were asked which version of the Core they use, and if that version was Core 4.0 any specific experiences and challenges in their implementation.  Potential users were asked to describe barriers in their adoption of Core 4.0.

As part of the feedback received from the survey there is now a VRA Core Implementation Registry available.  The registry provides an opportunity for current and potential users to view publicly available implementations of the standard.  If you would like to add your collection to the registry please contact Trish Rose-Sandler (