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VRA Core Oversight Committee

The Visual Resources Association has established the VRA Core Oversight Committee (Core OC) for the purpose of future development and sustainability of the VRA Core data standard and to support and promote its use in a variety of communities.  The Core OC will be chaired by Trish Rose-Sandler and will consist of three subcommittees including:  schema development and maintenance; user support; and training and education. Any questions about this committee can be directed to

Members of the subcommittees are as follows:

Schema Development and Maintenance
Denise Hattwig, University of Washington
Liz Muller, Cornell University

User Support
Susan Jane Williams, Independent Cataloging & Consulting Services (subcommittee chair)
Denise Hattwig, University of Washington
Jolene De Verges, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Training and Education
Mary Alexander, University of Alabama Libraries