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 NEXUS Fact Sheet
(pdf - 50 KB.)
 NEXUS and SENTRI Members May Utilize the Global Entry Kiosks
 NEXUS Program Description
 NEXUS Eligibility and Fees
 NEXUS Enrollment Centers
 How To Renew Your NEXUS Membership
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 NEXUS Enrollment Centers
 NEXUS Eligibility and Fees
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Frequently Asked Questions about NEXUS


Q: How to I apply for NEXUS instead of Global Entry?
A: For adding a program to an existing membership:
  • Log into GOES. ( GOES ) On the GOES home page under the Program Membership(s) section, select the "Manage Membership" button.
  • On the next page, select the "Add Trusted Traveler Program" button. Make any informational change necessary.
  • On the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program List page, select the checkbox next to the NEXUS option.
  • On the next page, you'll see the NEXUS logo. There are required questions you'll need to answer. Some of these questions are very similar. Once the application information is entered and/or corrected, certify your application and pay the fee.

Q: I’m a NEXUS member, can I use the SENTRI lane to enter the United States?
A: NEXUS members can use the SENTRI lane to enter the United States from Mexico provided they are in a SENTRI approved vehicle. (Participation in SENTRI requires the vehicle that will be used by the SENTRI participant be registered with CBP. The vehicle must be inspected by a CBP officer. If the vehicle passes CBP inspection, a SENTRI decal will be placed on the registered vehicle.)

Q: My application has been processed, how do I schedule an interview to complete the enrollment process?
A: If you filed your application using the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) Web site, you need to log in using your GOES account. Once successfully logged in, click on the “Schedule Interview” button then select the enrollment center. GOES will display the next available appointment for that selected enrollment center.

If you filed a paper application via the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or via the Netherlands Privium web site, you need to register for a GOES account. See “How do I register for a GOES Account?” After you register and obtain a GOES account, log in to GOES Web site. ( GOES ) Once successfully logged in, click on the “Schedule Interview” button then select the enrollment center. The system will display the next available appointment for that selected enrollment center.

If you filed a paper application via the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or via the Netherlands Privium web site and have already registered for a GOES account prior to receiving the notification of your application, you need to log in to GOES, click on “Change Profile” link on the left panel to add the PASS ID, FAST ID or FLUX Membership Number as indicated on the notification letter. Once you have successfully updated your profile, click on the “Schedule Interview” button then select the enrollment center. The GOES will display the next available appointment for that selected enrollment center.

Q: How do I register for a GOES Account?
A: Log in to the GOES Web site. ( GOES ) Click on the “Register” button then enter the required information to complete the registration. During the registration, ensure you enter the PASS ID, FAST ID, or FLUX Membership Number as indicated on your notification letter.

Q: What is the new Web-based enrollment system for NEXUS?
A: The new online enrollment system allows NEXUS applicants to apply online from home, the office or any public-access computer, rather than presenting a hard copy of the application to an enrollment center. The Web-based enrollment system is available to new and renewing applicants.

Q: How does the online application or renewal work?
A: An applicant logs onto an application system located on the Customs and Border Protection Web site at and navigates to the Global Online Enrollment System by clicking the “Trusted Traveler Program” icon under the “Travel” tab. A link is provided to the online NEXUS application. There is also a link, “On-Line Application for NEXUS and SENTRI” on the homepage on the right-hand side under “Quicklinks.”

Once an applicant submits a completed application, CBP reviews it and sends a notification to the applicant’s account alerting the user of their conditional approval. The applicant is instructed to contact the nearest enrollment center for a final interview. Step-by-step instructions for the online application are included below. If the application is denied, the enrollment office will generate a letter outlining the reasons.

Q: What is the cost to replace a NEXUS card that is not working at the dedicated lanes?
A: There is no cost to replace a NEXUS card that is not working at the lane. The NEXUS member should contact the enrollment center to report that the card is not working. The enrollment center will ensure that card is replaced.

Q: At what age will an applicant be charged to apply to NEXUS?
A: All applicants 18 years of age and older are required to submit the non-refundable $50 fee to participate in the NEXUS program. Children 17 years and younger are required to submit an application at no cost.

Q:What are the benefits of this new Web-based enrollment system?
A:The new Web-based enrollment system is fast, easy, accurate and eliminates filling out and presenting paperwork. It streamlines the application process and allows applicants to review the status of their application online, pay their fee online, and schedule an appointment at an enrollment center of their choice.

After admission to NEXUS, individuals will still be able to review their information, make any necessary changes and renew their membership.

This system helps CBP officers accomplish their dual mission of securing the borders while facilitating trade and travel. CBP is constantly seeking cutting edge technologies to accomplish our border management needs, and leveraging the Internet is one method of streamlining the vetting and processing.

The system will pave the way for all trusted traveler programs to eventually have an online application process. In addition, it makes more consistent the various programs under the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

Q:Is online re-enrollment available for existing members when they re-apply?
A: Yes, this online enrollment system was designed for both new applicants and those reapplying for membership.

Q: What if I’ve already mailed in my paper application to the Canada Border Services Agency?
A: Because you have submitted the fee with your paper application, you will need to continue with the current processing of receiving a letter by mail to contact an enrollment center of your choice to schedule your appointment. Upon renewal, you will be able to apply online, submit your fee, and schedule an appointment.

Q: What if I don’t have a computer, or access to a computer?
A: Cyber cafes and public libraries typically offer online access for free, or a nominal fee. Check your local directory for information on libraries with computer access, or computer-service business close to you.

Q: How do I know the online payment site is legitimate?
A: CBP assures that all safeguards are in place to assure the safety and integrity of the payment site before the payment function becomes part of the online application. The payment function will run through an existing secure government Web payment system. ( ) This site is used by many government agencies and commercial enterprises to help ensure a safe and secure payment method for multiple programs and purposes.

Q:What privacy protections are in place?
A:When an applicant logs onto the NEXUS Web site an identity manager software system will ask a series of identifying questions. This process is very similar to the cues given for any online banking or any Web site that utilizes payment services.

CBP is using software developed by IBM that is accepted as the industry standard for computer database security. CBP is committed to ensuring the highest level of privacy protections are in place.

Q:How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the NEXUS program?
A: ( NEXUS Eligibility and Fees )

Q:Where can I go for more information?
A: Location of Enrollment Centers can be found on the NEXUS Program page. ( NEXUS Enrollment Centers )

Q: Where do I pay the NEXUS membership fee?
A: Fee payment will occur at the time you submit your on-line application. You will be prompted to make payment by credit card or through your checking account. If you submit a paper application to Canada Border Services Agency, a payment is required at the time the application is mail. After you've been conditionally approved, an update will be noted in your GOES account or a letter will be sent by mail instructing you to contact your local enrollment center for an appointment.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about my NEXUS application?
A: An applicant can either call the CBP Help Desk at 1-866-530-4172; Press 0 then Press 2. French-speaking applicants can call the CBSA Help Desk at 1-888-281-5778 or email CBSA at

Q: I received an error message when I sent an email to the GOES support email address. Did it go through?
A: The correct email address for GOES support help is

Q: What does “Other Names Used” mean?
A: "Other Names Used” means any name used other than your current name. Examples are maiden name, birth name, name after a legal name change, nickname that has been used in a legal capacity, etc.

Q: Where can I find information to assist with filling out the GOES application?
A: While filling out the different screens in the application, there is a “HELP” button, or there is a document titled, “Online Application Processing Instructions for the Public User”.

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