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Port Of Entry-Douglas
Port Information
Port Code:2601
Location Address:First Street and Pan American Avenue
Douglas, AZ 85607
Mailing Address:Same As Above
General Phone:(520) 364-8486
General Fax:(520) 364-2313
Operational Hours:Twenty Four (24) Hours A Day
Seven Days A Week (7)
Description:A Port of Entry is any designated place at which a CBP officer is authorized to accept entries of merchandise to collect duties, and to enforce the various provisions of the customs and navigation laws (19 CFR 101.1).
Brokers :View List

Service Contacts
Services Provided By :Nogales

Name:Canine Enforcement Program
Phone:(520) 375-5807
Fax:(520) 287-1420

Name:CBP Agriculture
Phone:(520) 397-2073

Name:Entry Control
Phone:(520) 397-2050

Name:Export Control
Phone:(520) 397-2138

Name:Import Specialist Team 641 (plastics, leather, textiles, footwear, electronics, machinery, precious metals, toys, art, munitions)
Phone:(520) 397-2024

Name:Import Specialist Team 650 (live animals, food products, minerals, chemicals, wood, paper, stone, glass, base metals, vehicles, aricraft, vessels)
Phone:(520) 397-2026

Name:Seizure and Penalties
Phone:(520) 761-5947

Name:SENTRI/FAST Enrollment Center
Phone:(520) 375-5801

Facilities And Crossings
Name:Cargo Facility
Phone:(520) 364-1240
Fax:(520) 364-9137
Operational Hours:9:00 AM-6:00 PM(Mountain)
9:00 AM-5:00 PM(Mountain)
9:00 AM-5:00 PM(Mountain)
9:00 AM-5:00 PM(Mountain)
9:00 AM-5:00 PM(Mountain)

Name:Passenger Processing
Phone:(520) 364-8486
Fax:(520) 364-2313
Operational Hours:Twenty Four (24) Hours A Day
Seven Days A Week (7)

Supplemental Information
Contact Information:Commercial Operations Point of Contact: Asst. Port Director Elias Villarreal, (520) 364-1240. Broker: J.O. Alvarez Inc., 840 N. Douglas Ave., Douglas, AZ 85607 (520) 364-1240.
Special Instructions:Douglas Cargo Facility opens at 9 AM. Douglas Cargo facility is open on Saturday for cargo processing from 12:00 PM through 2:00 PM on a temporary basis.

Directions to Port Office
From Tucson, AZ:Follow I-10 East from Tucson to AZ-80, exit #303 (about 40 miles). Follow AZ-80 south approximately 80 miles to Douglas. Turn right on Pan American Ave., and follow the signs indicating the direction to Mexico. The Port Office will be on your left just before reaching the border.

Field Operations Office Information
Name :Tucson
Location :Tucson, AZ

Press Office
Name :Brian Levin, Public Affairs Liaison - Ports of Entry
Address :4740 N. Oracle Road
Room 310
Tucson, AZ 85705
Phone:(520) 407-2319, (800) 973-2867
Fax:(520) 407-2350

ICE Special Agents-in-Charge (SAC)

Phone Number :(703) 526-4200, (877) CBP-5511
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