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Publications from the American Folklife Center

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American Folk Architecture: A Selected Bibliography, by Howard W. Marshall (1981).

American Folk Music and Folklore Recordings: A Selected List, edited by Jennifer Cutting. Annual 1984 - 1992. Specify year(s).

American Folklife: A Commonwealth of Culture, by Mary Hufford (1991). Full-color, illustrated, 20-page booklet with definition and history of folklife study.

American Folklife Center: An Illustrated Guide. Library of Congress (2004).

Documenting Martitime Folklife: An Introductory Guide, by David Taylor (1992).

Ethnic Folklife Dissertations from the United States and Canada, 1960 - 1980: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography, by Catherine Kerst (1986).

Ethnographic Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture: A Contributer's Guide, by Stephanie A. Hall (1995).

Explore Your Community: A Community Heritage Poster for the Classroom.

Federal Cylinder Project: A Guide to Field Cylinder Collections in Federal Agencies. Volumes 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8.

Folklife and Fieldwork: An Introduction to Field Techniques (revised 2002). Spanish version also available: La Tradición Popular y la Investicación de Campo .

Folklife Annual 90, edited by James Hardin (1991).

Folklife Center News, Quarterly. Some back issues available.

Folk Heritage Collections in Crisis External Link. Council on Library and Information Sources. (2001).

Folk Recordings: Selected from the Archive of Folk Culture. Catalog and order form for recordings available from the Library of Congress.

Folklife Sourcebook: A Directory of Folklife Resources in the United States, by Peter Bartis and Stephanie A. Hall.

Grouse Creek Cultural Survey: Integrating Folklife and Historic Preservation Field Research, by Thomas Carter and Carl Fleischhauer (1988).

Old Ties, New Attachments: Italian-American Folklife in the West, by David A. Taylor and John Alexander Williams (1992). Hardcover, 224 pages, with 197 black-and-white illustrations.

Pennsylvania German Fraktur: A Guide to the Collections in the Library of Congress, by Paul Conner and Jill Roberts (1988).

A Teacher's Guide to Folklife Resources. Searchable database of educational resources by Carol Moran and Catherine Hiebert Kerst

Quilt Collections: A Directory for the United States and Canada, compiled by Lisa Turner Oshins (1987).


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