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The 2012 Friend Membership Drive

The TCFV Friend Membership Drive is in full swing!

Membership helps further the Texas Council on Family Violence’s efforts with Texas and federal lawmakers to maintain essential funding for family violence services and to promote laws that will assist victims of family violence. By becoming a member, you will be helping us further our efforts and you will also receive benefits like monthly newsletters, free member meetings and trainings, up-to-date family violence information and reduced fee for TCFV Conferences and Events.

Join or renew your membership between September 4th and February 14th for a chance to win a Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet.

We can work together to promote healthy relationships and freedom from violence. Become a member today!

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Get Involved During This Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Many shelters across Texas have been over capacity because of an increase in victims of domestic violence seeking services. In the last year, more than 223,000 Texans called domestic violence hotlines and domestic violence programs served more than 80,000 adults and children because they did not feel safe in their home. A recent survey of shelters also reported that there is less money coming in to help victims of domestic violence and more of a demand for their services.

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