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Authors: Committee on the Assessment of Ongoing Effects in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Prior to the military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars and conflicts have been characterized by such injuries as infectious diseases and catastrophic gunshot wounds. However, the signature injuries sustained by Un... [Read More]
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Authors: Family Violence Prevention and Services Program
This year we will celebrate programming advancements by proudly promoting resources, tools, and interventions developed by researchers, practitioners, and the advocacy community that are evidence-informed, trauma-informe... [Read More]
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The CSH PHA Toolkit is a guide to how PHAs can work with service providers to create supportive housing opportunities for the people who need them most. CSH is working with PHAs around the country to help them get starte... [Read More]
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Authors: Fisher, Sylvia K. ; Poirier, Jeffrey M. ; Blau, Gary M.
Despite growing social acceptance, many young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) experience harassment and bullying, family rejection, and social stigmatization—putting them at high risk for dep... [Read More]
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Authors: Nardone, Michael; Cho, Richard; Moses, Kathy
This brief outlines the rationale for states to consider designing Medicaid-financed, supportive housing-based care management services to improve care for at-risk beneficiaries while lowering costs associated with avoid... [Read More]
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Authors: Technical Assistance Collaborative
The goal of the TAC Resource Center is to expand new and innovative supportive housing approaches and models which link affordable and accessible permanent housing resources with community-based supports and services for... [Read More]
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Authors: Abt Associates Inc.
This ASPE Research Brief explores local programs for linking human services and housing supports to prevent and end family homelessness. The Research Brief is based on interviews with stakeholders in 14 communities nati... [Read More]
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Voices from the Field

Image of user Steven Samra

Remembering the Motivators

Steven Samra

Recovery Specialist

As a deputy project director for SAMHSA’s Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy, I sometimes find myself feeling removed from the day-to-day work performed by my colleagues providing direct service to those individuals who must cope with, and exist through, the ...

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