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Tax Cuts for Rich Sen. Sanders said Monday night that Republicans in Congress were likely to continue pushing for tax cuts after Election Day. "It is very clear that virtually all of the Republicans are going to fight not only to extend Bush's tax breaks for the wealthy, but also to lower tax rates for large corporations and wealthy individuals," Sanders said, adding that GOP lawmakers wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security. "My fear is there are some conservative Democrats who may want to go along with that effort," he said on Current TV. 

Senate Dems Outpace Rs in Close Contests Democrats outraised Republicans in the 11 Senate races considered tossup by a combined $45 million, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal. Republican super PACs and interest groups have offset part of that disparity. But a little-noticed surge in Democratic fundraising, fueled in part by a super PAC created by allies of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), has helped create a Democratic firewall.

Budget Sen. Sanders said the contrast between the two parties has grown clearer in recent years. "It's clear to me that what Republicans are about is protecting the wealthiest people in this country while they balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, children, the sick and the poor," Sanders told the Valley News. Sanders' Republican opponent, John MacGovern, believes the House-passed budget is "too timid." He "wants to make even more devastating cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and education," Sanders said. "Meanwhile, like the national Republicans, he supports continuing tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires."

Citizens United Super PACs, unleashed by the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling, are drowning out progressive voices on the campaign trail. Sen. Sanders said, "What the Supreme Court did in Citizens United is to say to these same billionaires and the corporations they control ... ‘Now, for a very small percentage of your wealth, we're going to give you the opportunity to own the United State government,'" Bill Knight blogged for the Galesburg (Ill.) Planet. 


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