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Committee Resources
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Committee Resources

In the course of a Congress, the Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee produce hundreds of documents, reports and letters. These records constitute an important portion of the Committee's work, including oversight letters to federal departments and committee reports outlining the Committee's views on important legislation that, if enacted, will effect the lives of every day Americans. This section includes important resources for better understanding and following the business and actions of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Reports- This section contains Committee reports on various bills that have been reported by the Committee to the Senate Floor for consideration. These reports outline the purpose of the bills, any changes that have been made during the committee's consideration of the legislation, and specific views of Committee Members.

Webcasts- This section contains archives of the Committee's webcasted hearings, business meetings and nominations hearings.

RSS Feeds- This section includes RSS feeds where subscribers can stay informed about activities of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Hearing Documents - Materials submitted for hearing records and responses to questions submitted for the record, as well as published, official Committee transcripts available online through the Government Printing Office, are made available on this page.


Did You Know?  Harlan Fiske Stone was the first Supreme Court nominee to testify at a Supreme Court confirmation hearing in 1925.  John Harlan was only the fourth nominee to testify (1955).  Harlan's 1955 confirmation marked the beginning of the current practice of each Supreme Court nominee testifying before the Judiciary Committee.

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