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About the Committee
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The Ranking Member
Chuck Grassley, Iowa Grassley-RM

Chuck Grassley's work ethic and dedication have helped him earn the trust of Iowa voters.  Now in his sixth term in the U.S. Senate, this farmer-lawmaker has developed a reputation for common-sense, fiscal responsibility, government accountability, judicious legislation and constituent services.

Iowans know they can trust Chuck Grassley to listen to and represent the concerns they share around their kitchen tables at the policymaking tables in the nation's capital.  Grassley uses his study of public policy and good standing on Capitol Hill as an honest broker to shape policy decisions that will improve the lives of families, communities, and the nation for generations to come.

Grassley has served on the Senate Judiciary Committee since being elected to the Senate.  He is a member of the Senate Finance Committee (former chairman and ranking member), the Senate Budget Committee and the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Along with legislation, Grassley immerses himself in the nitty-gritty work of rigorous government oversight.  Grassley is a leader when it comes to shedding light on the federal bureaucracy and bringing transparency to the people's business.

Grassley's pursuit of accountability has crisscrossed virtually every federal agency.  He's a watchdog of the Justice Department and the FBI, exposing serious mistakes that led to botched investigations and risked public safety and uncovering numerous examples of a double standard of discipline.  He's called attention to the FDA's approval of foreign-made medical devices and refereed turf wars between federal agencies that compromise U.S. border security.  The Iowa senator leaves no stone unturned to protect tax dollars from cross-examining the tax-advantaged practices of non-profits and shutting down offshore tax shelters exploited by corporate elites.

The Judiciary Committee is where Grassley launched his crusade to expose fraud against the federal government.  In fact, his 1986 amendments to the False Claims Act have helped taxpayers recover more than $25 billion that would otherwise be lost to fraud.

Grassley champions anti-trust enforcement, legal immigration and efforts to open the federal judiciary up to allow cameras in the courtroom.  He's a true advocate for victims of crime and is a leader in the fight to keep illegal drugs out of the hands of young people.  Grassley opposes borrow-and-spend police that saddle our children and grandchildren with debt, and has led efforts to end frivolous lawsuits and over burdensome regulations that hinder job-creating small business.  As one of only two working family farmers who serve in the United States Senate, Grassley is an outspoken advocate for policies that ensure a level playing field for all market participants in the agriculture industry, including family farmers and independent producers.

Grassley has worked to do right by the people who sent him to Washington.  By holding at least one meeting in each of Iowa's 99 counties every year, Grassley does whatever it takes to keep in touch with the people he represents.  Whether face-to-face or on Facebook and Twitter, he embraces Internet tools and town meetings to stay connected and make the process of representative government work for the people.

Grassley's time-tested blend of pragmatism and integrity gives this Iowa senator a license to simply tell it like it is.  He brings a refreshing, no-nonsense style that displaces Washington nonsense with Midwestern sensibility.  Grassley's been recognized as the hardest working member of Congress and his creed of ethics and accountability give Iowans strong and effective leadership.


Did You Know?  Harlan Fiske Stone was the first Supreme Court nominee to testify at a Supreme Court confirmation hearing in 1925.  John Harlan was only the fourth nominee to testify (1955).  Harlan's 1955 confirmation marked the beginning of the current practice of each Supreme Court nominee testifying before the Judiciary Committee.

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