Funding Requests

An important part of my job as your U.S. Senator is to help Washington state communities and businesses get federal support for projects that will create jobs, get our economy moving and make a difference for Washington’s families. 

My staff and I have taken a look at all of the project requests that have come in this year.  We put a priority on those that have broad-based local support and will create jobs and generate economic growth.  

We are facing tough economic times.  Families are struggling.  So while we work to bring federal funding home, I have made it a priority to also ensure that these projects have been well vetted and that we are using taxpayer money responsibly.  That’s why I’m glad to post all of the projects that I am requesting funding for here on my Web site.  I believe that the process should be transparent and that all of you should be able to see the requests I am making as your representative in Congress. 

Now, budgets are tight on the federal level as well.  So, just because I have requested funding for a project, it doesn’t mean that the money will come through.  I will continue to update this site with new requests I am making and with the projects that end up being funded. 

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