Caught Our Eyes: Most Original Costume

Still trying to decide about your costume for Halloween? Torn between a witch or a princess? An astronaut or a librarian? (Surely someone out there was going to dress as a librarian?)

Throw out all those ideas because I have the solution! Amaze your friends and family by arriving at your Halloween festivities (or even just the front door for trick-or-treaters) dressed like the winner for Most Original costume in the photograph below:

Costume prize winners at Arts Club’s Bal Bohème. Washington, D.C., April 10. Washington’s annual costume ball, the Bal Boheme, took as its theme this year, ‘Paris au Printemps’. Highlight of the evening was presentation of prizes for costumes. Photo by Harris & Ewing, April 10, 1939.

Yes, I do mean the man with the planter on his head. He is dressed as ‘the trees and shrubs of Paris’, in keeping with the theme of this costume ball: Paris au Printemps, or Paris in the Springtime. Held in April of 1939 and sponsored by the Arts Club of Washington, the Bal Bohème featured many costumes in the theme, but no one else had a topiary as a headpiece and small urns strapped to his feet, so I think the winner was clear, don’t you?

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Child Labor Photos — What Do Children See?

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