Portraits of Presidents and First Ladies -- Acknowledgments

Mary M. Ison (Head, Reference Section, Prints and Photographs Division) guided the selection of formal and informal portraits of United States presidents and first ladies with valuable assistance from Samuel V. Daniel III, Janice Grenci, Carol Johnson, Maja Keech, Barbara O. Natanson, and Bernard F. Reilly. Catalogers Arden Alexander, Barbara J. Hoyniak, Tracy N. Meehleib, and Woody Woodis examined the original pictures and compiled the catalog records. Katherine M. Arrington (NDL Technician) and Philip J. Michel (Digital Conversion Specialist) acquired the digital image scans and helped to produce the texts. Helena Zinkham (Head, Processing Section) wrote the collection descriptions and prepared the time line. Janice E. Ruth (Manuscript Division) edited most of the texts. National Digital Library Program staff who designed Web screens and navigation features, wrote the technical imaging note, and contributed to the production in many other ways included: Lisa K. Alexander, Jane L. Bossert, Carl Fleischhauer, Melissa S. Levine, Dominique M. Pickett, Tracey M. Salley, and David Woodward.

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