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Bad Acts, The Racketeering Case Against the Tobacco Industry tells the story, not yet fully revealed, of what was happening behind the scenes at the Justice Department as the case approached victory, when the Bush Administration intervened, with some success, to protect Big Tobacco. The book examines the political influences and interferences of and by Clinton Democrats and George W. Bush Republicans. It is a candid behind-the-scenes account of how the case was put together, how the industry attempted to halt the case, and how it ultimately was won by the Justice Department. By Sharon Y. Eubanks and Stanton A. Glantz
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Designing Healthy Communities Book and DVD Set! Purchase together and save 20%

Designing Healthy Communities coverDesigning Healthy Communities with host and narrator Dr. Richard J. Jackson, MD, MPH is a public television multi-media project providing a provocative and challenging view of the impact of the built environment has on our public health - how we live, where we live, and what we must change to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities. For more information visit the APHA bookstore.
Read a Q&A with Richard Jackson.

Public Health Management of Disasters, 3rd Edition provides updated information on roles and responsibilities, the organization of federal preparedness and response, working with emergency management, surveillance and information systems, emergency communications, environmental issues including food security, emerging diseases and bioterrorism, mental health services, people with disabilities and chronic disease, recovery and reconstruction, evaluation and the appendices. By Linda Young Landesman, DrPH, MSW. For more information visit the APHA bookstore.


Caring for Our Children, 3rd Edition.The new 3rd edition contains updated guidelines on the development and evaluation of the health and safety of children in all types of early care and education settings - centers and family child care homes.

Features 10 chapters of 650+ standards including a new Preventing Childhood Obesity in Early Care and Education Programs standards. Includes expanded discussion of all standards and updated information on the new USDA My Plate program. American Academy of Pediatrics; American Public Health Association; and National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education. For more information visit the APHA bookstore.  


Environmental Health and Racial Equity in the United States: Building Environmentally Just, Sustainable and Livable Communities. From the "Father of Environmental Justice", Dr. Robert Bullard, comes a first-rate account of events, individuals and organizations that have shaped the environmental justice movement over the past two decades.  Edited by Robert D. Bullard, PhD, Glenn S. Johnson, PhD, and Angel O Torres, MCP and supported by the Kellogg Foundation. For more information visit the APHA bookstore.

Megacities & Global Health brings together important research on infectious diseases, environmental and occupational hazards, disaster preparedness, crowding, urban ecology, and much more. The leading experts in global medicine, public health and urban health provide analysis, commentary and case studies of emerging and established megacities. Edited by Omar Khan, MD, MHS, FAAFP; and, Gregory Pappas, MD, PhD. For more information visit the APHA bookstore.


 Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Guide to Diseases, Causative Agents, and Surveillance A comprehensive introduction to emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, including broad coverage of 25 different emerging infectious diseases. Author, Lisa A. Beltz, PhD. For more information visit the APHA bookstore

Preventing Childhood Obesity in Early Care and Education is the new set of national standards describing evidence-based best practices in nutrition, physical activity, and screen time for early care and education programs. These updated standards will be a part of the new comprehensive Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards: Guidelines for Early Care and Education Programs, 3rd Edition. Doody's 5 Star Review* It is an essential tool for all childcare providers. For more information visit the APHA bookstore.

Healthy and Safe Homes: Research, Practice, and Policy marks an exciting advance in the effort to ensure that people across all socioeconomic levels have access to healthy and affordable housing. All families should have quality, affordable housing; it serves as a foundation for a prosperous life. The publication of this book provides practical tools and information to make the connection between health and housing conditions relatable to everyone. Edited by Rebecca Morley, MSPP; Angela Mickalide, PhD, CHES; and Karin A. Mack, PhD.

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 Prevention Is Primary: Strategies for Community Well Being, 2nd Edition The new edition of Prevention Is Primary provides models, methods, and approaches for building health and equity in communities. This comprehensive book includes the theory, concepts, and models needed to harness social justice and practice primary prevention of unnecessary illness and injury. By, Larry Cohen, MSW; Vivian Chavez, DrPH, MSW; and Sana Chehimi, MPH. For more information visit the APHA bookstore.

Confronting Violence: Answers to Questions About the Epidemic Destroying America's Homes and Communities, 3rd Edition provides a comprehensive review of the causes, victims, perpetrators, impact and settings of interpersonal violence, along with strategies for prevention of violent victimization. New to this edition includes discussion of electronic aggression, cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking and expanded discussion of bullying, school and youth violence. Extensive updated state-by-state resource and agency contact information is provided at the conclusion of each chapter (child physical and sexual abuse, youth and school violence, bullying, domestic and intimate partner violence, sexual assault and rape, elder abuse, murder, stranger violence, firearm-related violence, and suicide). Author: George Gellert, MD, MPH, MPA. Recommended by Choice magazine For more information visit the APHA bookstore.

Control of Communicable Diseases Manual for Mobile + Web
The book that you depend on is now available online or for your mobile (iPhone®, BlackBerry®, Android™, Windows Mobile®, or Palm® devices ) starting at $49.95. For more information or to order visit APHA's partner, Unbound Medicine, Inc.


Best Seller

 Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 19th Edition 

...the book is extremley valuable for anyone working in the field...Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2009:49 

Doody's Essential Title

This version has been updated by international experts, at both, the CDC and WHO, with a priority to ensure global relevance. New disease variants have been included and some chapters have been fundamentally reworked. The 19th edition is a timely update to a milestone reference work that ensures the relevance and usefulness to every public health professional around the world. Edited by David L. Heymann. Hardcover and paper versions are available. For more visit the APHA bookstore. Download the Update to Herpes Simplex chapter of Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 19th edition, page 300. 

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