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2003 Events & News

December 11, 2003
3,000 Years of Zoroastrian Culture is Celebrated by Kluge Center at Library of Congress
[Press Release]

December 4, 2003
Library of Congress Kluge Center Presents Symposium on the War in Iraq [Press Release | Webcast]

November 12, 2003
Lecture: Library of Congress Maguire Chair Holder Jean Bethke Elshtain Speaks [Press Release

November 5, 2003
Library of Congress Announces Winner of First John W. Kluge Prize for Lifetime Achievement in the Humanities and Social Sciences
[Press Release | Webcast of announcement | Webcast of award ceremony | Transcript of acceptance speech]

October 30, 2003
Book Talk: Armenian Ambassador discusses His Book "British Diplomacy and the Armenian Question: 1830-1914" [Press Release]

October 23, 2003
Lecture: Michael E. Stone, Senior Distinguished Visiting Scholar, presents a lecture titled " A Hidden Treasure: The Armenian Adam Epic by Arakel of Siwnik." [Press Release]

October 9, 2003
Library to Host Symposium on the Science and Culture of Islam [Press Release]

September 23, 2003
Kluge Center at Library of Congress Plans Symposium on China in Transition [Press Release | View Webcast]

September 9, 2003
Historian Jaroslav Pelikan To Be Honored At Library of Congress on September 9
[Press Release]

September 3, 2003
Discussion on the Timbuktu Manuscripts and the efforts to maintain the desert libraries by Abdel Kader Haidara, Curator of The Mamma Haidara Memorial Library, Timbuktu, Mali

July 31, 2003
Lecture: Pianist and Art Collector Annette Kaufman discusses "A Fiddler's Tale" at Library of Congress on July 31 - [Press Release]

June 23, 2003
Kissinger Scholar Klaus Larres Gives Lecture at the Library of Congress on June 23 [Presentation]

June 18, 2003
Library of Congress Kluge Center Presents a Roundtable Discussion on Transatlantic Relations During the 1970's [Presentation]

May 21, 2003
Xiang Lanxin Named Henry Alfred Kissinger Scholar in Foreign Policy and International Relations [Press Release]

May 7, 2003
Kluge Center Dedication [Press Release]

May 2, 2003
Library of Congress Hosts Symposium on Scientific Legacy of 9th Century Baghdad [Press Release | Webcast]

April 17, 2003
Romila Thapar Named as First Holder of the Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the South at Library of Congress [Press Release]

April 16, 2003
Book Talk: Fareed Zakaria discusses his latest book, "The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad,"at the Library of Congress [Press Release]

April 15, 2003
Composer Libby Larsen Named to Papamarkou Chair in Education and Technology in Library of Congress Kluge Center [Press Release]

March 25, 2003
Lecture: Harold Bloom, America's Leading Literary Critic, discusses"Shakespeare and Genius" at the Library of Congress

March 19, 2003
Book Talk: Philip Bobbitt and Sir Michael Howard discusses Bobbitt's book The Shield of Achilles: War, Law and the Course of History

March 5, 2003
Library of Congress Marks 50th Anniversary of Stalin's Death with Roundtable Discussion [Press Release]

February 11, 2003
Lecture: Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, president of the Convention on the Future of Europe, delivered the 2002 Kissinger Lecture on "The Preparation of the European Constitution" [Lecture information]


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