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2004 Events & News

December 13, 2004
Library of Congress Seeks Applications for Coca-Cola Fellowship for Study of Advertising and Culture. [Press Release]

December 7, 2004
Lecture: Menachem Schmelzer discusses the "18th Century Jewish Enlightenment and the Hebrew Press on Dec. 7 at Library of Congress" [Press Release]

December 2, 2004
Selected Works of Vietnamese Poet Ho Xuan Huong to Be Read at the Library of Congress [Press Release]

November 29, 2004
Library of Congress Announces Winners of John W. Kluge Prize for Lifetime Achievement in the Humanities and Social Sciences [Press Release]

November 15, 2004
Lecture: The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress presented the first in a series of lectures on "Managing Knowledge and Creativity in a Digital Context." [Press Release]

November 10, 2004
Movie: Viva Zapata - Film Series on "Movies and the Moral Life" to Be Shown at Library of Congress' Mary Pickford Theater [Press Release]

November 9, 2004
Historian John Hope Franklin and Judge Robert L. Carter participated in a discussion of the impact that Brown v. Board of Education had on their lives professionally as well as personally. [Press Release]

November 8, 2004
Press release: Kluge Center at Library of Congress Opens Series on Digital Issues Called "Managing Knowledge and Creativity in a Digital Context" [Press Release]

October 22, 2004
Film Recreating the Splendor of Persian Palaces to Be Shown on Oct. 22 at Library of Congress [Press Release]

October 21, 2004
An Evening of Arabic Poetry on Oct. 21 at the Library of Congress [Press Release]

September 23, 2004
Lecture: Alden Almquist, Kluge Staff Fellow, presented "Africa's Threatened Forests and Wildlife: Can African Ideas Help Preserve Them?" In deforested areas of West Africa, small islands of biodiversity-rich forests remain, protected by local people. In heavily forested areas of Central Africa endemic species such as the bonobo survive intensive bushmeat hunting thanks to their protection by local people. The ideas that prompt such local conservation action and their potential significance for wildlife conservation programs are the focus of the discussion.

September 22, 2004
Lecture: Eric Jacobson, Kluge Fellow, presented "The Nationalism of Exile." Eric Jacobson contends that the Holocaust and birth of Israel were two events which profoundly altered Jewish culture and existence in the twentieth century.

September 16, 2004
Lecture: Man Shun Yeung, Kluge Fellow, discusses "U.S. and China: A Cultural Beginning in the Library of Congress." The Chinese collection in the Library of Congress began in 1869, when the Emperor Tongzhi of China made a contribution of books to the U.S. government as a gesture of cultural exchange.

September 15, 2004
Film Series on "Movies and the Moral Life" to be Shown at Library of Congress' Mary Pickford Theater - "To Kill a Mockingbird" [Press Release]

September 13, 2004
Book Talk: Judith M. Brown discusses Her Book on Nehru
[Press Release]
: Nehru: A Political Life.

August 10
David B. Larson Fellows are Named at Library of Congress: Juliet Bruce and Lynn G. Underwood Are the First Recipients [Press Release]

July 29, 2004
Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov Appointed Holder of the Chair of Modern Culture [Press Release]

July 16, 2004
Melvyn P. Leffler Named Henry Alfred Kissinger Scholar in Foreign Policy and International Relations at Library of Congress [Press Release]

July 7, 2004
Menahem Schmelzer Named Senior Distinguished Scholar at the John W. Kluge Center Beginning in September [Press Release]

June 16, 2004
Lecture: Lanxin Xiang presented a lecture titled "The Ideological Context of U.S.-China Relations."
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June 3, 2004
Lecture: Sherifa Zuhur, director of the Institute of Middle Eastern, Islamic and Diasporic Studies at Cleveland State University, delivered a lecture titled "Singing a New Song: Women and Entertainment in the Arab World." [Press Release]

June 1, 2004
Mark A. Noll Appointed to Cary and Ann Maguire Chair in American History and Ethics at Library of Congress John W. Kluge Center [Press Release]

June 1, 2004
Lamin Sanneh Appointed to Kluge Center Chair of Countries and Culture of the South in the Library of Congress [Press Release]

May 27, 2004
The city of Tehran was the subject of a conference organized and hosted by the Kluge Center. [Press Release]

May 12-13, 2004
Stories of our Nations, Footprints of our Souls: History Textbooks in Middle Schools and High Schools. [Webcast]

May 6, 2004
The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress presented a symposium titled "Why China Needs Democracy: Chinese Reform in Theory and Practice." [Press Release | Webcast]

April 29, 2004
Yevgeny Yevtushenko, the famous Russian poet, recited his poetry in both English and Russian in a program titled "There Are No Years." [Press Release]

April 22, 2004
Book Talk: Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses his book, "The Choice: Global Domination or Global Leadership." [Press Release]

April 6, 2004
$2.5 Million Gift Establishes David B. Larson Fellowship in Health and Spirituality At John W. Kluge Center. [Press Release]

March 31, 2004
Lecture: James Turner, Senior Distinguished Scholar in the John W. Kluge Center and member of the Library's Scholars' Council, presented a lecture titled "Philology and the Generation of New Disciplines, 1825-1900." [Press Release | Webcast]

March 22, 2004
Lecture: Storyteller Louis Caron and French photographer Francois Poche presented "Les Heritiers de Champlain/Champlain's Descendants." [Press Release]

March 18, 2004
Book Talk: Author Eric Jacobson discusses his book, "Metaphysics of the Profane: the Political Theology of Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem." [Press Release]

March 4, 2004
The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress presented a symposium titled "Statecraft and America's Position in the World". [Press Release | Webcast]

February 26, 2004
Book Talk: Author Jeffrey Paine discusses his book, "Re-Enchantment: Tibetan Buddhism Comes to the West" (W.W. Norton, 2004). [Press Release]

February 11, 2004
Lecture: George P. Shultz, secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan for eight years delivered the 2003 Kissinger Lecture on "A Changed World". [Press Release | Webcast]

February 6, 2004
The Library of Congress presented "Contemporary Lusophone African Literatures and Cultures: A Colloquium on Cape Verde and Mozambique" [Press Release]

February 4, 2004
Lecture: Leila Ahmed, professor of divinity at Harvard University delivered a lecture titled "Women in Islam and America: Reflection on Where We Are Today." [Press Release]

January 29, 2004
Lecture: Abdelbaki Hermassi, the minister of culture of Tunisia delivered a lecture titled "Tunisia and Cultural Modernization." [Press Release]

January 23, 2004
Lecture: His Excellency Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former president of Brazil spoke on "Latin America and Iberia: Yesterday and Tomorrow." [Press Release]

January 9, 2004
Multimedia History is the subject of a discussion at Library of Congress, "Documentary Films and Digital Presentations of the Long Bow Group." The documentary films and digital presentations of the award-winning Long Bow Group are discussed at this special annual meeting session of the American Historical Association (AHA). [Press Release]

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