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Daily Digest
Government Printing Office (1947-present) 

The Daily Digest is the key to finding information in the Congressional Record. It is much like a table of contents in a book, but is found in the back of each daily edition of the Record. The permanent edition of the Record includes a Daily Digest volume which cumulates each issue for the year.

Chamber and committee activities are summarized separately for the Senate and House. Measures introduced and passed, amendment activity, appointments, nominations, and roll call votes from the previous meeting are listed with page numbers to those actions within the Record's full text.

Although the Congressional Record does not contain transcripts of committee hearings (which are published separately), the Daily Digest does summarize committee activities, and provides lists of committee meetings scheduled for that day or the next day, including the topic of the hearing and a list of witnesses. At the end of the legislative week, usually on Friday, the Digest contains a section outlining the ”Congressional Program Ahead” with details of upcoming floor and committee schedules. It lists times of meetings of both houses; measures reported, considered or signed into law; measures scheduled for action during the next meeting and the announcements of upcoming committee meetings. Its pages are numbered separately and are preceded by the letter D. At the beginning of each month, the Résumé of Congressional Activity provides a cumulative statistical summary of congressional activity for the year.


Find publications

Some congressional and other government publications can be found on GPO-FDSYS,in a Federal Depository Library, or purchased from the GPO bookstore.

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Follow this guide on how to contact your Senators by phone, postal mail, or on the Web.

Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress

The Directory provides information about former and current senators.


Institutional Bibliography

The United States Senate: An Institutional Bibliography includes more than six hundred citations to books, articles and government documents printed since 1789.