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Industry Information

The GPO FDsys team is committed to ensuring that FDsys is comprised of the best technology products and services possible. GPO will identify, in the space below and under the heading Current Focus Areas, the specific areas of technology that are a current priority.

To ensure that interested vendors are aware of changes to this page, we have established an Atom feed.

Past Focus Areas: Format Translation, Search, Content Management, Enterprise Application Platform and Identity and Access Management. (Details)

NOTE -- Continuing indefinitely, as part of GPO's technology management process, we encourage the vendor community to continue to submit statements for the areas identified in the attached matrix.

Thank you for your continued interest in FDsys.

Making Your Capabilities Known to the FDsys Program

To assist the FDsys team, please follow the instructions very closely. Questions about the instructions should be directed to Scott Stovall at 202.512.1080 or Capabilities submitted should be for currently shipping products requiring no customization to meet FDsys requirements.


  1. Review all FDsys documentation very carefully to make sure that your product meets FDsys requirements with no customization. This documentation includes, but is not limited to the FDsys System Release and Capabilities document, Concept of Operations document and Requirements document.
  2. Determine which requirements your product meets and submit a requirements matrix outlining the FDsys requirements that your product meets out of the box (examples of the format can be found in the past focus areas). The requirements matrix must be submitted as a single Excel file to with the subject header XXXX_Capability_Matrix_Topic.XLS (e.g., XYZ Company_Capability_Matrix_Search.XLS). Faxed copies or non Excel files are not acceptable.

    1. When provided, please use the requirements matrix template to identify the requirements your solution meets out of the box with either a yes or no response. (NOTE: if applicable - not all focus areas will be accompanied by a requirements matrix template)

  3. Submit any additional information as a single MS Word file to with the subject header XXXX_Capability_AddInfo_Topic.DOC (e.g., XYZ Company_Capability_AddInfo_Search.DOC.) Faxed copies are not acceptable and Word files are preferred. Additional information should focus on key technical features of your product, specific to FDsys requirements. This would include architectural drawings and diagrams (including preferred environment), performance issues and considerations, processes, administration considerations, security, etc. Additional information must be provided as clearly and concisely as possible, in 20 pages or less - (examples of the format can be found in the past focus areas).

    1. When provided, complete the additional information questionnaire (NOTE: if applicable - not all focus areas will be accompanied by a questionnaire). Answers must be provided as clearly and concisely as possible as described in the questionnaire.
  4. Markings:

    1. If proprietary, please mark any material as such.
    2. Provide name and contact information for the primary point of contact and provide GSA schedule information, if any.

What Not to Submit

  1. Marketing materials, or product sheets.
  2. Any other materials not directly related to FDsys requirements.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Depending on the phase of the FDsys project, a face-to-face meeting may be a desired outcome of the Capability Statement Process. The FDsys team will contact vendors to arrange face-to-face meetings.

This ongoing capability statement process is for informational purposes only and does not obligate the GPO in any way. This process is not a request for proposal and the GPO will not pay for any information submitted or for any expenses associated with providing information. Any information submitted by respondents is strictly voluntary. If so marked, material submitted will be deemed proprietary to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations if so marked by the respondent.

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