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Title:         The Blot / Lois Weber Productions ; director,
                  producer, writer, Lois Weber.
Published:     United States : F.B. Warren Corp., 1921.
Description:   1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (104 min.) : sd., b&w ; 1/2
                  in. viewing copy.
               7 reels of 7 on 2 (2795 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm. ref
               7 reels of 7 (6989 ft.) : si., b&w ; 35 mm. dupe neg.
               1 reel of 7 (389 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm. ref print
                  (copy 2)
               1 reel of 7 (389 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm. dupe neg.
               7 reels of 7 on 8 (inc.) (4345 ft.) : si., b&w ; 35
                  mm. dupe neg (copy 2)
               13 rolls (3024 ft.) : si., b&w ; 35 mm. masterpos.
LC Call No.:   VAB 1468 (viewing copy)
               FCA 7932-7933 (ref print)
               FPB 2029-2035 (dupe neg)
               FAA 7499 (ref print, copy 2)
               FRA 6240 (dupe neg)
               FPE 3947-3954 (dupe neg, copy 2)
               FPB 2043-2050 (masterpos)
Notes:         Copyright: Lois Weber; 25Aug21; LP16892.
               Minor change version: [Rev. ed.] / with an original
                  musical score by Rosa Rio at the Hammond organ. --
                  United States : Video Yesteryear, 1987.
               Copyright for minor change version [Rev. ed.]: Video
                  Yesteryear.  DCR 1987; PUB 25Aug87; REG 10Apr89;
               LC has a videotape viewing copy of the Video
                  Yesteryear version. DLC
               Photography, Philip R. Du Bois, Gordon Jennings ;
                  advisory director, Phillips Smalley.
               Philip Hubbard, Claire Windsor, Margaret McWade, Louis
                  Calhern, Marie Walcamp.
               The LC 16 mm. ref print and 35 mm. dupe neg (copy 1)
                  were compiled by Bob Gitt from LC nitrate in the
                  AFI/UCLA Collection and from nitrate on loan from
                  David Butler with no donor restrictions.  The 16 mm.
                  ref print (copy 2) and 16 mm. dupe neg are
                  incomplete segments which may be portions of more
                  than one reel.  The masterpos is out of sequence and
                  incomplete. DLC
               NCN016227. DLC
               Reference source used: American Film Institute
                  catalog, feature films, 1921-30.
               Received: 6/5/89; viewing copy; copyright deposit--no
                  agree.; Copyright Collection.
               Received: 3/9/76 from Rozelle lab; 16 mm. ref print;
                  gift, ATM 72; AFI/UCLA/Butler (David) Collection.
               Received: 1974 from LC lab; 35 mm. dupe neg; gift;
                  AFI/UCLA/Butler (David) Collection.
               Received: 5/70; 16 mm. ref print (copy 2) and 16 mm.
                  dupe neg; gift; AFI/UCLA Collection.
               Received: 1/17/89 from Bono lab; 35 mm. dupe neg (copy
                  2); acquisition; AFI/UCLA Collection.
               Received: 1974 from LC lab; masterpos; gift, NTM 46;
                  AFI/UCLA Collection.
Subjects:      Sociological films and programs. mim
               Drama. mim
Other authors: Weber, Lois, 1883-1939, direction, production,
               Du Bois, Philip R., camera.
               Jennings, Gordon, d. 1953, camera.
               Windsor, Claire, cast.
               McWade, Margaret, 1872-1956, cast.
               Calhern, Louis, 1895-1956, cast.
Other authors: Lois Weber Productions.
               F.B. Warren Corp.
               Copyright Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
               AFI/UCLA/Butler (David) Collection (Library of
                  Congress) DLC
               AFI/UCLA Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
Source:        DLC DLC DLC amim
Control No.:   11545574

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