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Find out more about your final destination in the USA. Climate, population, geographical location, history, etc. in the Host Community Profiles.
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Living in a Host Family

A Kyrgyz delegate with his home stay family. 2009
Will visiting Moscow give me a complete and full understanding of Russia? The answer is obvious. Although Moscow is a beautiful cosmopolitan city, one could not say it represents all of Russia. Similarly many who have visited only New York cannot say they have seen the “real” America.

The Open World program offers program participants a unique opportunity to truly glimpse the heart of America. While a delegate may spend some time in Washington, DC for orientation, the program does not deprive participants the opportunity to see the local communities of America that comprise the 50 states.

Open World is a full cultural immersion program that offers its participants a window to the “real” America and its people. Completing the 10-day journey is the beginning, rather than the end, of the Open World experience. We encourage our participants to publish articles in their local media, blog, or use social networks to share their experience in the U.S.