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Working with Facilitators
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USA Destination
Find out more about your final destination in the USA. Climate, population, geographical location, history, etc. in the Host Community Profiles.
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Working with Facilitators

  • Translating the US program schedule from English into Russian by the deadline set by American Councils.
  • Establishing contacts between the delegates and the host organization before their departure for the USA, if the contact information is available.
  • Accompanying delegates at every point of their journey and program, starting from Sheremetyevo-2 International Airport (Moscow) and finishing at Sheremetyevo-2 International Airport (Moscow). The facilitator registers delegates’ tickets and receives the boarding passes for the whole group. During the flights and upon return to Sheremetyevo-2, the facilitator makes sure delegates retrieve their luggage. If the luggage is lost or delayed, the facilitator completes the necessary paperwork.
  • Accompanying delegates every day from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. during their stay in the US, with possible changes subject to mutual agreement of delegates and facilitators.
  • Providing translation during informal meetings and cultural events. For formal meetings host organizations must provide a professional interpreter.
  • Facilitating two-way communication between the Russian delegates and their American counterparts.
  • Coordinating the program of the US visit with the host organization, taking into consideration delegates’ requests and hosts’ resources.
  • Make sure that the delegates are dressed in the appropriate manner for program events (neat and business-like).
  • Taking charge of and bearing responsibility for the delegates’ papers and monies for the duration of the visit.
  • Distributing survey forms among the delegates and dispatching the completed survey forms to the American Councils’ office in Washington D.C. in the specially provided envelopes.
  • Providing a written report of the delegation’s visit to the USA to American Councils’ offices in Washington D.C. and Moscow.
  • Resolving conflicts, maintaining composure and fostering a friendly atmosphere in the group.
  • Quickly finding solutions in emergency situations, making prompt decisions and informing American Councils in Washington D.C at 1-202-833-7522 or 1-800-841-7898 and the Moscow American Councils office at 7 (095) 956-78-05/06/09 of any decisions.
  • Taking care of all personal issues only during personal time.

Facilitators are not responsible for:

  • Solving delegates’ personal problems unless they are connected with emergency situations and/or illness.
  • Accompanying delegates after 9:00 p.m. if there are no events scheduled for this time by the host organization.