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Find out more about your final destination in the USA. Climate, population, geographical location, history, etc. in the Host Community Profiles.
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FAQ for Delegates

Question: Do I need to know English to apply to the Program?

Answer: Knowledge of several everyday phrases is highly appreciated. An interpreter will provide translation for every group of delegates. You will not have problems while communicating.

Question: How much luggage can I take with me?

Answer: Both at international and domestic airlines in the USA passengers are allowed to take:

  • two pieces of luggage free. Weight of any piece of luggage should be up to 32 kg, size - 157 sm. The fee for luggage that exceeds the stated above standards should be paid by a passenger.

  • only one piece of carry-on not more than 55x36x22 in size and 8 kg by weight.

  • Passengers are not allowed to bring any kind of foodstuff into the USA.
    For any additional information:
    Lufthansa: (495) 737-6440
    Delta Airlines: (495) 937-9090

    Question: Is it acceptable to give presents in the USA?

    Answer: Yes, it is. Although it is not obligatory. The gifts can be as follows: three or four not very expensive souvenirs (book with pictures about your city, postcards, pins, etc.); information about your work, business cards (preferably in English).

    Please, take into consideration that works of art are not allowed to take from Russia without special permission of Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Russian Federation.

    It is not always a good idea to present with alcohol drinks.

    Usually gifts are given at the end of the official meeting or on the last day of visit to your Host Family.

    Question: Can I use cell phones and other equipment of 220 volts?

    Answer: Voltage in the USA is 110 volts. You should use adapter for the equipment of 220 volts.
    The standard for cell communication is GSM 1900 in the USA. Only special models of cell phones (such as Motorola, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson) work in the territory of the USA and if there is a special treaty between Russian and American providers.

    Question: Can I smoke in public places in the USA?


  • Smoking is prohibited in public places: in elevators, restrooms, buses, subway and other means of public transportation including airlines (fine is very high).
  • Smoking is also prohibited in some cafes, restaurants, trains and in facilities where you can see the sign "non-smoking".
  • You should ask your counterparts whether they mind your smoking in their presence.

    Question: What is etiquette of business communication in the USA?


  • Americans come well-prepared for the meeting ready to discuss the specific issues and expect the same from their counterparts.
  • It is necessary to come to the meeting several minutes before the official start with business cards, leaflets, booklets and other printed materials that can be useful for the person you are going to meet with.
  • You should exchange the business cards in the beginning.

    Question: How much money should I take with me?

    Answer: You will be given $100 for minor expenses at the two-day orientation in the USA.
    You should take money with you if you plan to make more or less substantial purchases. You should not declare amount of money less than $3000. If you take more than $3000 to the USA, you should fill in the customs declaration (it is not necessary to show bank certificate on currency purchase).

    Question: What is the way to convert temperature from Fahrenheit scale to Celsius scale?




    Question: What kind of clothes should I take with me to the USA?

    Answer: Some items are necessary to take with you:

  • comfortable shoes/snickers. As a rule, in the USA the hills are not higher than 5 sm.
  • official clothes for the meetings: business suit and a tie for men; for women - suits with pants or a skirt and dresses (low-necked, transparent and short-cut models are not acceptable);
  • comfortable clothes for flight: jeans, pullover, light jacket;
  • bathing suit (for women) - in the USA sports and one-piece suits are more preferable; swimming trunks (for men) - long loose shorts are preferable (skin-tight and short models are not acceptable).

    Question: What is the weather like in the USA?


  • United States of America is a big country with a wide range of geographical and climatic conditions. There are six main climatic zones.

  • North-West of the USA (states: Washington, Oregon) is one of the most damp territories of the country. Spring is usually rainy whereas summer is dry and warm enough. Common temperature for Portland, Oregon is +31°C, for Seattle, Washington is +24°C.

  • The weather in the mid Pacific Ocean coast and mountain area of the West (North and Central California, states: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado) is dry and sunny almost all year round. Temperature varies from +18-20°C (San-Francisco, California) to +29-31°C (Sacramento, California, states: Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming).

  • South-West of the USA (states: South California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New-Mexico and South-West Texas) is the hottest and driest part of the country. In summer average temperature is from +28°C (Los-Angeles, California) to +38°C (Las Vegas, Nevada). Although in summer in some areas temperature can be as high as +41°C and even higher (Phoenix, Arizona).

  • In the Mid-West of the USA (territory from North Dakota state boarder with Canada to Central Texas regions) climate is not so dry as in the neighboring Arizona and New-Mexico. In summer average temperature is from +27°C (Saint-Paul, Minnesota) to +33°C (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). Still, the further to the south the higher is the temperature. In the Central Texas temperature can reach +36°C.

  • The South-East climatic zone includes states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. There can be rain any time of the year. In summer it is mainly hot and sunny. Temperature fluctuates from +25°C (Washington, District of Columbia) to +35°C (Atlanta, Georgia).

  • North-East climatic zone of the USA includes the states near the Great Lakes, New England states, Kentucky and West Virginia. Climate is humid enough. It is hot and very humid in summer, especially in the continental part of the region. Summer temperature fluctuates from +27°C (Boston, Massachusetts) to +31°C (New York).

  • Alaska. Climatic conditions vary greatly here. Yet, it is rather warm in summer. Average temperature is +18°C.
  • Question: Arrival in Moscow to start participation in the program

    Answer: You should arrive at the hotel in Moscow a day before departure till 3 p.m. your stay in the hotel, dinner and breakfast are covered by the program. Official time to check-in is noon.

    Question: How to get to "Novotel" from Moscow?

    Answer: The hotel "Novotel" is located near the "Sheremetevo-2" international terminal. You should go by subway to the station "Rechnoy vokzal" (River-boat station). It will be more convenient for you if you take first car of the train. Then you should take mini-bus (Subway station "Rechnoy vokzal" - Airport "Sheremetevo-2"). Unfortunately, the program does not cover transportation costs from Moscow to the hotel. Duration of the trip from the subway station to the hotel depends on the traffic and can last from 20 to 40 minutes. In the case of emergency you can call the hotel 926-59-00.

    Question: How can I get to "Iris" hotel?

    Answer: Address: Korovinskoye shosse (highway), 10, tel. 933-05-33

  • You can reach the hotel by bus or mini-bus # 656, 672, 194, 191 from the subway station "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" (grey line). All the buses stop at the third boarding line. If you take a mini-bus, ask the driver to stop at the hotel.

  • You can get to the hotel from the subway station "Voykovskaya" by bus # 191 or 114. Please, take into consideration that it will take you about 40-50 minutes.

  • At five minutes to every hour (that is 9.55, 10.55, etc.) you can take mini-bus (12 sitting places) from restaurant "Crab-House" (Tverskaya Str., 6) to the hotel "Iris".

  • Please, inform American Councils staff about your location (in business trip, at home, at the friends or relatives, in Moscow on in another city) a week before the departure to the USA. This information is highly important for the office staff in case if someone of the participants has not checked in the hotel.