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Supporters of Civil Society in Russia

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Supporters of Civil Society in Russia (SCSR) is a proud partner of the Moscow School of Political Studies (MSPS) and supports the development of political and civic institutions in Russia that are necessary to grow and sustain an open and transparent civil society. SCSR's Open World programs offer emerging political and civic leaders participating in MSPS programs in Russia the opportunity to meet with national, state and local U.S. leaders to discuss issues such as government operations, community and business partnerships, principles of good governance and the role of non-profit organizations in a democratic and open society. SCSR's partnership with the Moscow School reaches thousands of emerging civic and political leaders through its publications and educational seminars which are conducted in Russia, Western Europe and the U.S. MSPS supports a growing of alumni network, now numbering nearly 9,000 through its regional and local Alumni Clubs and Internet forums and workshops. MSPS also supports its alumni in launching local civic initiatives; and directs a broader effort to replicate its work throughout the CIS, Central Europe, and the Balkans. (ST. Louis, MO/ Chicago IL)