Dispatches from the Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program.

Washington, DC · http://www.digitalpreservation.gov

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Session starting re: members of National Digital Stewardship Alliance talking about their experiences

North Carolina State Library describing their CINCH tool: automated ingest of born-digital publications.

Does an email testbed exist that can be used for digital preservation research?

Bryan Smith "once you get records online, people find a use for them" true that!

Jane Zhang @sliscua discussing characteristics of archival records (includes last tweet)

State digital archives describe access to archival records on websites differently, including "what we have" "digital collections"

Both CA and CO enacted UELMA with full support of state legislatures. In 2013 20 states interested in pursuing

. 's FDsys ensures authenticity of gov docs/pubs through cryptographic hash values, digital signatures PDFs, chain custody

NC state library using for preservation storage in an integration w/ContentDM.

To all digital librarians/archivists in state government seeking to understand their CIOs, read this.

Doug Robinson : Collaboration and cloud services trends in state IT and CIO communities

What is the impact of consolidation in the IT world on libraries and archives and/or other recipients of digital records?

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