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, 1838, the constitution of Florida (USA) was drafted. Original was never found. Here's the only known copy:

From 1754, a hand-colored engraving of Dutch colonial capital of Batavia (present-day Jakarta, Indonesia).

Kenpō Fukyū Kai (Constitution Popularization Society): founded in 1946 to popularize Japan's constitution .

U.S. & Britain signed peace articles in Paris 1782. Treaty of Paris formally ended Revolutionary War in 1783

RT ‏ Caught lottery fever? Check out these examples from some 16th- and 17th-century lotteries!

This piece on Iraqi National Library and Archives includes info about INLA's participation in WDL.

"Libraries..have role to play in the formation of true national identity.." Saad Eskander, Iraqi Natl Library&Archives.

Our conservator recommends checking out World Digital Library. Here is the Book of Psalms:

Librarians: tell the Gates Found. what you think of a world where "ebooks & ubiquitous digital content is the norm"

28 Nov 1911: Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata issues the Plan of Ayala calling for radical agrarian land reform.

Poet and artist William was born in London in 1757. The Book of Urizen (Blake's Book of Genesis), .

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