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Descriptive Overview

When viewing the digital images of the Printed Ephemera Collection online, a series of consecutive images is displayed. However, the pages of the original document may have been printed and folded in any of a wide variety of formats.

For instance, a typical broadside would be printed with one image on the front and perhaps another image on the back. But a four-page leaflet, like a newsletter, may be printed on a single sheet with two page images on the front and two on the back, then folded. The sequence, arrangement, and eventual folding of pages on a single sheet will vary according to the intent or whim of the publisher and printer.

In an effort to convey the format of this material, items other than single printed sheets have been categorized with a Page Order name. The names, appearing in the records and listed below, link to diagrams that depict the printing and folding formats.

Complete Diagram List



Reverse Folder

Center Span

Reverse Center Span

Triptych Span

Double Vertical Fold


Reverse Tri-fold


Uncut Quarto


Folded Scroll

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