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The Printed Ephemera Digitization Project

Rare Book Team:

John Pull, Digital Conversion Specialist, Digital Team Leader, Rare Book & Special Collections Division (RBSCD). Responsible for first and second release.
Elizabeth Gettins, Digital Conversion Specialist, Digital Team Leader, Rare Book & Special Collections Division (RBSCD). Responsible for second release.
Kathy Chappell, Digital Technician, RBSCD, first release.
Connie Everhart, Digital Technician, RBSCD, first and second release.
Abigail Grotke, Digital Conversion Specialist, NDLP, first release.
Joel Kaufman, Digital Conversion Specialist, RBSCD, first and second release.
Jan Lancaster, Digital Conversion Specialist, NDLP, first release.
Sarah Mason, Digital Conversion Specialist, NDLP, first release.
Mark Williams, Digital Conversion Specialist, RBSCD, second release.

None of the work, however, would have been possible without the generous contributions of the following colleagues:

From the Rare Book & Special Collections Division:

Rosemary Fry Plakas, American History Specialist, provided constant curatorial guidance and insight, and compiled the Special Presentation.

Thanks are also due to Mark Dimunation, Chief; former Acting Chief Nancy Davenport; and current and former division and reading room staff members Joseph Agyemang, Tracy Arcaro, Thomas Athridge, George Chiassion, Tamikia Epperson, Clark Evans, Joan Higbee, Callie Mosley, Joseph Puccio, Rob Shields, Brett Umlauf, Jerry Wager, and Walter Walden.

From the National Digital Library Program:

Martha Anderson, Tamara Swora, Beth Davis-Brown, and Ariel Rosenblum served as Contracting Officer's Technical Representatives, oversaw the scanning contract, and provided invaluable incidental expertise.

David Brooks received and checked text and images in from SIG and performed image diagnostics.

Andrea Dillon designed the collection Web pages, and contributed to the composition of many presentation elements.

Nancy Eichacker, Production Manager, and Carl Fleischhauer, Technical Coordinator, lent wisdom and guidance.

LeeEllen Friedland directed the work and project development of the NDLP Rare Book Team in 1997.

Laura Graham gave direction for items needing SGML corrections.

Lisa Lee researched and sought copyright permissions.

Elizabeth Madden, liaison from the NDLP Production Team, spearheaded the construction and ongoing maintenance of the production database. The entire NDLP Production Team, which includes Steve McCollum and Deborah Thomas, provided support.

Steve McCollum provided technical support and advice.

Editorial guidance regarding the on-line framing materials was provided by current and former members of the NDLP Editorial Team, Jurretta Heckscher, Emily Lind Baker, Jeff Finlay and Andrea Savada.

Melissa Smith Levine and Emily Vartanian evaluated rights issues and permissions requirements.

Helen Mathura was the Contracting Officer for the NDLP paper scanning.

In addition, the Rare Book Team extends thanks to NDLP staff members Daphne Hawkins Randolf Wells, Marc Dudley, Barak Stussman, Christopher Pohlhaus, and Ishmael Wilson, LC Junior Fellows Kathy Chappell and Sarah Cameron, and interns Daniel Grunberg and Barbara Weiss.

From the Special Materials Cataloging Division (SMCD), Rare Book Cataloging Team:

Meredith Shedd-Driskel and David Kennaly provided bibliographic and conservatorial support.

From the Conservation Division, Book and Paper Section:

Ann Seibert and Yasmin Khan consulted on handling and rehousing during development and production. Yasmin Khan also coordinated the conservation of fragile items in preparation for scanning.

From Information Technology Services (ITS):

Lisa Fruth and David Woodward programmed the indexing and display of the documents.

Ann Slaughter coordinated server space and filenaming.

Marla Banks assisted in development of the process by which TEI header information is generated.

From the Automation Planning and Liaison Office (APLO):

Anton Pierce guided the Team through the conversion of the database records into online records.

From the Rare Book Digital Group:

The Rare Book Digital Group met monthly to discuss and address the many issues that arose. The group included Belinda Urquiza, Ardie Bausenbach (both APLO), Virginia Vittuci (ITS), Linda Stubbs (SMCD), and Kay Guiles (CPSO).

From outside the Library:

The Systems Integration Group, Inc., (SIG) of Lanham, Maryland, produced the digital images and oversaw production of the searchable text. Very special thanks are due to Art Brown for his high level of expertise in the world of digital imaging and for his careful handling of the collection.

Thanks also go out to SIG staff members Valencia Downing, Dan Pence, Jim Webster and Arnold Goodman.

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