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Temporary Service for Victims of Disaster

We are sorry that you have suffered loss and dislocation.

Any books and playback machines that you were using at the time of the disaster will be replaced as quickly as possible by the library serving the area where you now find yourself. You have two choices for finding the library nearest to you that serves blind and physically handicapped readers.

  1. By phone—call 1-888-nls-read (1-888-657-7323). A voice response system will connect you to the nearest library.
  2. By e-mailuse the "Find a Library" link. Choose the state where you are and you will get a list of all the libraries that serve the state. If you are unsure which library to contact, choose a regional library. Regional libraries provide toll-free phone service, as well.

You have no financial responsibility for library materials that our network provides when they are lost in a disaster. Because this service is a national network of libraries, your service can be restored temporarily wherever you find yourself. Subscriptions to magazines may be suspended until you find more permanent living arrangements.

Please contact a library when you would like to begin reading again.

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Posted on 2011-01-10