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Louis Braille Bicentenary

In observance of the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille’s birth, the Library of Congress is presenting the exhibition “Louis Braille:  His Legacy and Influence,” open now through January 30, 2010.  NLS, a provider of braille services since 1931, is the curator for the display of materials related to braille and its use.  The exhibition is located on the 6th floor of the James Madison Building at 101 Independence Avenue, Washington, D.C.  This exhibition may be viewed at Louis Braille: His Legacy and Influence.

As a companion to the exhibition, NLS assembled the following resources to highlight the critical importance of braille in the lives of blind people. These offerings include materials provided by NLS as well as links to other organizations that provide braille services or materials related to braille.

All inquiries about braille-related matters may be directed to braille@loc.gov.

News Release: New Exhibition “Louis Braille: His Legacy and Influence” Celebrates Bicentennial of Braille’s Birth

NLS Resources


About Braille


Music Services


Reference Circulars

Braille Literacy: Resources for Instruction, Writing Equipment, and Supplies

Sources of Braille Reading Materials

Additional Information

Books about Louis Braille and His Invention

Braille Alphabet Card

Braille Book Review

Braille Certification Training Program  External link symbol

Braille: Into the Next Millennium

National Library Service

Eligibility for Service


Other Resources

2009 Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar

Journal of Visual Impairment Year of Braille   External link symbol

National Braille Press  External link symbol

Louis Braille: His Legacy and Influence online exhibition

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