Don't let doctors kill him: Family's plea in legal battle with hospital over 'death pathway'

David James' (inset) wife and daughter (left) do not want his hospital treatment to be withdrawn

Childless couples have higher risk of dying prematurely but adopting may reduce chances of an early death

A new study suggests having children reduces the risk of an early death

Scientists say a new study throws new light on the age-old question of whether life fulfilment provided by children can actually extend your years.

Is that a dipstick? Men are better at identifying car parts than their own anatomy

Only half of men are able to identify key parts of their anatomy, a survey suggests

New research from Lloydspharmacy exposes how most men are better briefed on their car’s performance than understanding what can go wrong between the sheets.

Risk of developing asthma doubles among children conceived after fertility treatment

Children born after fertility treatment have double the risk of developing asthma, researchers claim

They were also twice as likely to develop wheezing and up to four times more likely to have taken anti-asthma medicine by the age of five.

Anti-depressants could help stroke patients recover more quickly by 'rebuilding' the brain

The drugs could promote the growth of new nerve cells in the brain or protect other cells damaged by stroke

The drugs could promote the growth of new nerve cells in the brain or protect other cells damaged by stroke, according to a study published by the Cochrane Library.

Newborn died after doctor ignored three bleeps to his pager and then failed to explain why he was late

The child was born at Cheltenham General Hospital in Gloucestershire but survived for just 15 hours after a catalogue of errors by staff

A coroner ruled that mum Lucy Day, formerly of Cirencester, Gloucestershire, was 'badly let down' by the NHS who missed opportunities that could have saved tragic daughter Fleur.

Hundreds of GP's surgeries 'are too cramped and not fit for purpose'

'Cramped': Patients in some surgeries feared their confidential discussions with their doctor could be overheard in the waiting area

A report examining GP practices in London concluded that 'major' improvements were needed to cope with higher numbers of patients.

Toddler, 3, saves mother's life by calling his gran despite never using a phone before

Little hero: Aaron Green, 3, managed to save his mums life by calling for help using her mobile phone, despite having never used one before

Little Aaron Green somehow managed to call his great-grandmother when his mother Cally, 26, had a diabetic seizure. The barmaid, from Coventry, West Midlands, had just finished a night shift at when she returned home and was gripped by a hypoglycemic attack which caused her to collapse.

Male fertility crisis fears as sperm counts fall... and scientists blame everything from diet to tight underwear

Worrying: Falling sperm counts in France are a ¿serious warning¿ to British men, scientists said yesterday. This image shows sperm fertilizing an egg

A major French study has revealed that sperm counts and quality have fallen sharply since the start of the 1990s.

Breast cancer deaths halved if patients given 'wonder drug' tamoxifen for 10 years not five

Breast check: Women are recommended to feel their breasts regularly and go to the GP if they notice any changes

The study from Oxford University shows that 10 years of tamoxifen helps save lives not just during the decade women are taking the drug, but also during the second decade after diagnosis

Don't tell the boss you've got one! The chair that sounds an alarm to remind office workers to take a screen break

The pad contains a microcontroller that records a timestamp each time an employee sits down or stands up

Office workers who stay moulded to their chairs all day could be persuaded to stretch their legs more often thanks to an 'alarming' invention from the University of Queensland.

The 'pacemaker' implanted in the brain to prevent Alzheimer's patients losing their memory

A diseased brain- showing the effects of dementia. The new device appears to keep brain neurons active and help prevent cognitive decline

The device, which uses deep brain stimulation, has already been used people with Parkinson's disease as possible means reversing cognitive decline, say Maryland scientists.

The revolutionary new breath test to diagnose bowel cancer

The test, which works by identifying chemicals associated with cancer tumours, is said to be 76 per cent accurate

The test, which identifies chemicals associated with cancer tumours, is said to be 76 per cent accurate, according to a report in the British Journal of Surgery.

Winter vomiting bug hits 700,000 people as early onset of virus catches NHS 'unawares'

Increase: Almost 700,000 people have been struck down by norovirus

The number of confirmed cases of norovirus is already up two-thirds compared to this time last year and experts warn they will only rise further over the next few weeks.

This Morning doctor Chris Steele reveals he has been diagnosed with skin cancer for the second time

This Morning doctor Chris Steele reveals he has been diagnosed with skin cancer for the second time

The GP told show hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby the cancer was 'purely the result of over-exposure to the sun and sunbeds' many years ago. He said: 'I'm 67, so 40-50 years ago we didn't know the dangers of UV exposure, or soaking up the sun on holidays abroad.'

More premature babies born at 24 weeks are surviving - but the number living with disabilities will also rise

More premature babies born when their mothers are just 24 weeks pregnant are surviving - but babies delivered earlier rarely live

The Medical Research Council study also found there had been no improvement in the survival rate of babies born before 24 weeks.

Worrying teenage trend for self-harming sparks sharp increase in calls to ChildLine

Growing family problems have been blamed for a spike in self-harming among the young

The number of children and teenagers who have asked for help after considering hurting themselves with knives or drugs has gone up by two thirds in a year, ChildLine said.

Transplant patient sent home from hospital with A4-sized surgical mat still inside him

Surgeon and assistant performing operation (posed)

Michael O'Sullivan, 49, received a new liver at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, but was sent home with a silicone mat still inside him.

Another reason for rethinking that late-night cigarette: Smoking DOES make your hangover worse

You could regret it tomorrow: Smoking was found to worsen hangover symptoms among students in a U.S study

The team of scientists from Brown University found this effect wasn't because smokers drank more and suggested it could be the effect of nicotine on the nervous system.

Fake? No, Holly’s teeth really are this white: Toothpaste advert cleared of using TV trickery

Dazzling smile: When Holly Willoughby appeared in a commercial for toothpaste, some viewers asked if her dazzling grin was the result of TV fakery

The co-host of ITV’s This Morning found herself at the centre of complaints after promoting Oral-B 3D White Brilliance toothpaste.

Lager louts may not be to blame for their behaviour as scientists discover binge-drinking gene

Addicted? Teenage alcohol abuse is linked to poor brain development, future health problems and antisocial behaviour

The mutant version of just one gene makes the brain more sensitive to habit-forming rewards such as alcohol, according to scientists from King's College London.

Mother donates half of her LIVER to save her baby daughter's life after she is diagnosed with rare condition

Imogen Daly and her mother Charlotte

Baby Imogen Daly, from Staffordshire, was born suffering from a severe liver condition that made it impossible for her to break down fats in her diet. She had been on the transplant list for five months before her mother Charlotte learned she could donate half of her own organ.

Never mind bad breath...Men who don't brush their teeth regularly are more likely to have erection problems

Good oral hygiene is linked with a reduced risk of gum disease, which has been shown to triple the risk of erectile dysfunction

Men with inflamed gums caused by severe gum disease were three times more likely to suffer from erection problems, Turkish researchers found.

Going to bed an hour earlier each night 'lowers blood pressure in just six weeks'

Time for bed: Going to bed an hour early could ward off high blood pressure, a study suggests

The study, by Harvard Medical School in Boston looked at men and women who regularly slept only seven hours or less a night and were beginning to have borderline high blood pressure readings.

How women would rather give up sex than chocolate: One in five say treat would be last thing they forego

Treat: Women would rather give up sex than chocolate according to a new study

A survey has confirmed what many chaps had always feared: That most women would rather give up sex than chocolate.

Girl nearly goes blind after inadvertently eating dog mess parasite that travelled from her stomach to her EYEBALL


Millie Knight, from Canterbury, had the rare condition toxocariasis, which she caught after ingesting the eggs of the roundworm parasite, found in dog and cat faeces.

Drinking a large glass of red wine every day 'can cut bowel cancer risk'

Health benefits: Drinking a large glass of red wine every day could help prevent bowel cancer say researchers

Resveratrol, found in the skins of red grapes and which gives the wine its colour, has long been known to have cancer-fighting properties, but scientists did not know how much was needed to be effective.

My husband died like a battery hen, frightened, cold and ignored by hospital staff: MP's tearful attack on NHS care

ANN CLWYD and husband

Ann Clwyd said she arrived at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff to find her husband, Owen Roberts, lying on the bed, cold and distressed. She added that he had been treated with 'resentment, indifference and contempt' by staff as he lay dying.

Dentists warned over cheap X-ray machine amid fears it could deliver 10 times too much radiation

The Tianjie Dental Falcon scanners are not approved and not safe for dentists or patients

The Tianjie Dental Falcon scanners can be purchased on eBay for as little as £205, compared with around £4,000 for a safe model.

It sounds like an upgrade. But being sent to a private clinic by the NHS can end in tears

Private firms now see nearly one in ten patients who have suffered trauma such as a broken limb or need orthopaedic treatment

At present, there are no umbrella systems in place to monitor the quality of care across private hospitals. Each of them can effectively operate as a separate entity.

Abuse of elderly patients by NHS staff rises by a third in one year with a shocking 36,000 offences reported last year alone

Jeremy Hunt

In a powerful speech, Jeremy Hunt (pictured) highlighted shocking examples of abuse including the case of a dementia patient being slapped and punched by her supposed carer.

My bladder built from my bowel is as good as the one I was born with, by Dame Mary Archer

'The risk factors for bladder cancer are smoking, drinking heavily and being male, and none of these applied to me,' said Dame Mary Archer

The usual treatment for aggressive bladder cancer is removing the bladder. Dame Mary, who was diagnosed in 2010, opted for a newer procedure.

Mother goes into labour nine weeks early at her husband's hospital bedside after he almost dies in horrific crash

Adam Hambly, 32, from Plymouth, was left fighting for his life after suffering multiple injuries in the head-on smash. Wife Jo, 35, rushed to be by his side and waited anxiously for signs of recovery

Adam Hambly, 32, from Plymouth, was left fighting for his life after suffering multiple injuries in the head-on smash.

Shockwaves fired into my foot cured my crippling pain - and got me back into heels

'My left foot started to hurt when I walked,' said Rosemary Smith

Rosemary Smith had the characteristic symptoms of plantar fasciitis — also known as policeman’s foot. It is traditionally associated with lots of walking and standing.

Woman, 28, dies from swine flu after paramedics refused to take her to hospital THREE times

Niyousha Haki

Despite Niyousha Haki, from Birmingham, having a 'grossly abnormal' temperature and elevated heart rate, they judged her symptoms to be 'non-life threatening'. A day later, she was rushed to hospital, where she suffered a cardiac arrest and never regained consciousness.

Can you spot the danger drinker? These brave volunteers kept diaries of a week's drinking so doctors could analyse the health risks. The results were startling

Spot the dangerous drinker

According to the World Health Organisation, Britons get through on average more than 13 litres of pure alcohol a year — the European average is 12.2 litres. Alcohol is linked to an increased risk of cancers, stroke and heart disease, not to mention liver damage. In 2010/11, more than a million people had to be admitted to hospital because of an alcohol-related issue.

'Miracle' gas gives hope to babies brain-damaged at birth

Saving thousands: Over 1,000 babies are born deprived of oxygen, risking brain damage

Xenon is already offered as an anaesthetic. But doctors are now using it in an effort to protect babies starved of oxygen at birth.

Can draining blood cut cholesterol and ward off cancer?

A study of 60 overweight people found that bloodletting reduced blood pressure, as well as levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol and increased 'good' HDL cholesterol

It seems astonishing, but bloodletting is now emerging as a possible way of reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

'I've got a fast metabolism so I need to eat a lot and often': Under the microscope with Gareth Malone

'I follow a low-GI diet which regulates your body sugar and energy levels,' said Gareth Malone

The Choir star, 36, on pumping iron, what makes people attractive, his biggest food weakness and how he avoids a hangover.

Hospitals are 'full to bursting' and patient care is being put at risk, report warns

The Dr Foster report has warned death rates at a dozen trusts are alarmingly high. It has warned 'quality must be put over cost or there will be another Mid Staffs situation', where 1200 patients died due to a lack of care

Death rates at 12 NHS hospitals are also worryingly high, according to the Dr Foster report, which is published annually.

My spitfire baby: Woman, 23, gives birth in just FIVE MINUTES and says it was 'relaxing'

Heather Thorpe with her 'spitfire baby' Jonathan

Heather Thorpe is the envy of thousands of women - because she had a labour that lasted just five minutes. She gave birth at her parent's home in Birmingham.

Taking Vitamin D 'may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease'

Scientists say research suggests taking Vitamin D may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

Two new studies show that women who don't have enough vitamin D as they hit middle age are at greater risk of going into mental decline and developing Alzheimer's.

'I've been there, Kate, and it felt like being poisoned': One mother tells of her extreme morning sickness

Sonia Purnell and Duchess of Cambridge

I was 34, writes SONIA PURNELL just over three years older than Kate is now. The joy and excitement at the thought of a baby was overshadowed by the sudden and violent onslaught of nausea.


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