The Chinese in California, 1850-1925


Many people contributed to the success of the Chinese in California, 1850-1925, a multi-institutional gathering of material related to the topic. The grant was initially conceived and written by Tim Hoyer, former Head of Bancroft Technical Services. Early on, Merrilee Proffitt provided technical expertise and management of the project. Theresa Salazar, Curator of The Bancroft Collection, Western Americana served as principal investigator and project manager, after Mr. Hoyer and Ms. Proffitt left the Bancroft Library. She also served as the primary selector of the material, coordinating activities at the other two Libraries. Assisting in the selection project as well as research, data input, and coordination of the digital component of this project, was Joyce Mao, a graduate student in History, at The University of California, Berkeley. Both Ms. Salazar and Ms. Mao contributed the subject narratives accompanying the project. Another key person was Mary Elings, Digital Projects Archivist, who provided in depth technical knowledge to this project. Moreover, her sophisticated understanding of arrangement and description of archival collections was an added benefit.

Wei-Chi Poon, the Librarian for the Asian American Collections in the Ethnic Studies Library at the University of California, Berkeley, and Mary Morganti, The Director of Research Collections at the California Historical Society were major contributors to this project, providing expertise about the holdings in their collections. In addition, Abby Bridge at The California Historical Society helped with selection and input related to their collection.

The staff of Library Photographic Services at UC Berkeley, Dan Johnston, Amy Yang, and Amy Kubes worked untiringly and more importantly with the utmost professionalism to provide the high quality digital work. From the Digital Publishing group at UC Berkeley, Alvin Pollock shared his expertise about the database and became the key liaison for the transport of the data to the Library of Congress; and Lynne Grigby-Standfill coordinated much of the digital and database work on the project. In addition, Emily Balmages, Amy Hellam, and Albert Park of the Bancroft Library also contributed work to the project.

Caroline Arms and other staff at the Library of Congress provided support in many ways -- answering questions, offering solutions, and working with us patiently throughout this enterprise. More specifically, Mary Ambrosio and Timothy Harker transformed the finding aid into records and indexed them for American Memory. Amy Andrea Dillon designed the Web pages with help from Qun Lai.

The Bancroft Library would like to thank the Ameritech Corporation for its support of the American Memory program, and for the opportunity to present the rich and complicated history of the Chinese experience in California.

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