Maps of Liberia: Acknowledgments

This project could not take place without the valuable assistance of the Geography and Map Division and National Digital Library staff. The Division Specialists, Reference Staff, Cataloging Staff and Collection Maintenance Team all contributed time and effort to help locate, catalog and preserve these items. The Conservation Division also contributed in stabilizing numerous deteriorating maps.

Scanning, Image Processing, Bibliographic record upgrade:
Lynn M. Wojcik (National Digital Library Digital Conversion Specialist)
Richard H. Antonisse (National Digital Library Digital Conversion Specialist)

Production Coordination:
Dominique Pickett (National Digital Library Digital Conversion Specialist)
Elizabeth U. Mangan (Geography & Map Division Head, Technical Services Section)
Gene E. Roberts (National Digital Library Digital Conversion Coordinator)
Colleen R. Cahill (Geography & Map Division Digital Conversion Coordinator)

Items prepared for Scanning:
Juan Carlos Vega (National Digital Library Processing Technician)

Research and Original Cataloging:
Lillie Atkinson (Geography & Map Division Map Cataloger)

Framework Text:
Daphne L. Cunningham, Historian
Elizabeth H. Null, Historian

Framework Editing:
Jurretta Jordan Heckscher (Editor, National Digital Library Program)
Emily Lind Baker (Editor, National Digital Library Program)

Web Design:
Tracey Salley (National Digital Library Digital Conversion Specialist)

Online Delivery:
David Woodward (Programmer/Analyst, Information Technology Systems)

Copyright Clearance and other legal matters:
Melissa Smith-Levine (Legal Advisor, National Digital Library Program)

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