Working in Paterson

Twenty-First Avenue: Place of Conjunction


Paterson's well-defined neighborhoods are populated by people who strongly identify with them — with neighborhoods, or "sections," such as Hillcrest, Lakeview, Peoples’ Park, Riverside, Sandy Hill, and Stoney Road. The feeling appears to be rooted in connections between residential and industrial development, between social identity and occupational identity. Therefore, because its exploration could illuminate important intersections between work and other aspects of Patersonians’ lives, "Working in Paterson" researchers selected the theme of "neighborhood and work" as a focal point of their field research.

About the Author

Tom Carroll is a folklorist and consultant who conducts community-based research for a variety of cultural organizations in the eastern United States. He lives in Pittsburgh.

Carroll speaking to a band member
descriptive record icon enlarge image icon  Fieldworker Tom Carroll interviews band member, during the annual San Rocco procession as it passes through the People's Park neighborhood of Paterson, New Jersey.

Aerial view of city
descriptive record icon enlarge image icon  View of center of Paterson from Garret Mountain.

Aeriel view of residential area
descriptive record icon enlarge image icon Looking west and south over the rooftops of a part of what was once the Dublin section, and is now populated mainly by Spanish speakers.


descriptive record icon Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr., talks about the importance of Paterson's neighborhoods.

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