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DiMA Congratulates Congressman Goodlatte, Elected to Serve as Chair of House Judiciary Committee in 113th Congress


DiMA Welcomes House Subcommittee Hearing on Internet Radio Fairness Act


The Huffington Post: A Common Sense Approach to Internet Radio Royalties

by Gregory Alan Barnes, Counsel for DiMA. The debate over royalty rate-setting for Internet radio is generating plenty of hyperbole — including specious claims that the Internet Radio Fairness Act before Congress involves reverse payola schemes, would rain antitrust lawsuits down on artist organizations…Read the full article


Internet Radio Helps Listeners and Artists But High Royalty Fees are Holding Back Innovation

Watch the video featuring DiMA's Lee Knife, and learn more about Internet Radio Fairness Coalition


DiMA Joins Industry Partners and Stakeholders to Promote Internet Radio Growth and Innovation to Benefit Artists, Consumers and Recording Industry


DiMA: The Internet Radio Fairness Act Provides Long Overdue Fixes to an Antiquated System


DiMA Statement on FCC Closed Captioning Memorandum


INDUSTRY REPORT: The Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings -- Digital Music Broadcast Royalties: The Case for a Level Playing Field


DiMA Statement on 'Future of Audio' Hearing


June Is Entertainment Ratings & Labeling Awareness Month


DiMA Offers a One-Two Punch Solution for Combating Online Piracy


DiMA: Congress Should Promote Online Competition, Innovation


DiMA Welcomes New Copyright Royalty Judge


Major Music Industry Groups Reach Historic Agreement on Royalty Rates and Standards


INDUSTRY REPORT: Pew Research Center: The Rise of e-Reading


INDUSTRY REPORT: Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2011–2016


DiMA: White House’s New Blueprint for Protecting Consumer Privacy is a Reasoned Approach


INDUSTRY REPORT: IFPI Digital Music Report 2012 


INDUSTRY REPORT: Pew Research -- Tablet and E-book Reader Ownership Nearly Double Over Holiday Gift-Giving Period




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SKYFALL - Official Trailer

SKYFALL - Official Trailer

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Overall music purchasing was down in the last year, while the average Pandora listener purchased 29% more music during the second quarter of 2012 compared with last year, according to NPDMusic Acquisition Monitor study

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Sony adds live broadcasting to videogames
November 7, 2012 – Herald Sun


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