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  1. Charles Dillingham and Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr., present a musical entertainment entitled The century girl. Performed in New York City on Monday, November 6, 1916. New York: Century Theatre, 1916 November 6 .
  2. Turkish dance, Ella Lola / Thomas A. Edison, Inc. 1898. Copyright: Thomas A. Edison; 7 Oct 1898; 59210. Original main title lacking. DLC Duration: 0:29 at 26 fps.
  3. Yale mixture. By Sager Midgely. Copyright Date: 1897.
  4. The head of the community : a comedy in four (4) acts : a parody of Gogol's Revisor / by Jacob Gordin. [Der parnes khodesh : a komedye in 4 akten : a parodye oyf Gogols Revizor / fun Yankev Gordin.] 1910.
  5. Harry Houdini, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, in chains, ca. 1899. 1 photographic print. Item in McManus-Young Collection REPRODUCTION #: LC-USZC4-3277 DLC (color film copy transparency of b&w original) .
  6. Edison 51010-R: The Arkansas Traveler by Steve Porter and Ernest Hare.

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