The American Colony in Jerusalem, 1870-2006

Building the Digital Collection


Items within the collection were scanned from the original document at 300 dpi, 1:1 ratio in 24 bit color. These images were captured as an uncompressed .TIFF and .JPG derivatives were created for the online presentation. Scanning was conducted by the Library of Congress Digital Scan Center and the Prints and Photographs Division.

The Fannie L. Koster scrapbook and the scrapbook containing articles about the American Colony were digitized in two phases. The first pass of digitization included scanning page by page, the pages as they appeared, with minimal opening of any folded or obscured items. After this phase of digitization, the items were then examined and if needed treated by the Conservation Division. Folded documents such as newspaper articles and letters were opened and prepared for the second pass of digitization. The second phase of scanning captured all of these items that previously had been folded or otherwise obscured. These second-pass scans were then placed digitally “in situ” within the scrapbooks. The result was electronic replication of the scrapbooks as they may be encountered through physical use, with the provision of full research value to the users of this web site.

Bibliographic Access

A non-MARC ACCESS database was created with appropriate fields for the collection specialist to enter bibliographic information and subject headings for each of the items from the collection presented. This database was entered into the Library of Congress American Memory content management system and used to provide search and display function for this part of the American Colony in Jerusalem Collection.