Real Moms Share: Easy Ways to Plan Meals for the Week

Striking a balance isn't always easy, but staying organized can help. From what to freeze on Sundays to no-fuss healthy dinners you can make in minutes, we asked moms how they create a weekly meal plan for their family (20 Photos)

Compiled by Beth Engleman on Aug 19, 2012 at 11:42PM

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Real Moms Share: Easy Ways to Plan Meals for the Week

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19 Smart Ways to Plan Meals for the Week

Planning family meals for the week can sometimes feel like your facing a Quickfire challenge on Top Chef: One wrong move and you'll be at the mercy of the most ruthless judges -- your cranky, hungry kids. But feeding your family doesn't need to be a source of stress. Check out these smart tips from iVillage moms to help you plan out a week's worth of meals. 

Try Shopping Online

"I was the primary shopper before coming to the White House. I'd have my list for the week. And oftentimes, I could get [to the store] during the weekday when it wasn't crowded. So I was very efficient with my shopping, get in and out. And then, I discovered online grocery shopping, which was actually Moses coming down with the Ten Commandments. It was like, whoa, I see the light. Online grocery shopping really helped take some time off of my schedule." -- First Lady Michelle Obama

See what the First Lady has to say about striking a balance, and if women really can have it all.

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