National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

Bob Graham Co-Chair
William K. Reilly Co-Chair
Frances Beinecke Commissioner
Donald F. Boesch Commissioner
Terry D. Garcia Commissioner
Cherry A. Murray Commissioner
Fran Ulmer Commissioner

Concept & Production

Pete Nelson Director of Communications
Bethany Mabee Communications Coordinator


Eric Maierson Producer
AJ Maclean Associate Producer
Leandro Badalotti Intern
Jacky Myint Design & Development
Brian Storm Executive Producer


Eric Maierson
Pete Nelson


Ed Reinsel
Jeremy Sherlick



Special Thanks

To the New York Times for their illustrations explaining containment efforts; to National Geographic for donating a number of photos used in the movie and site; to TrialGraphix for the video animations; to the team MediaStorm: Eric Maierson, Jacky Myint, AJ Maclean, Leandro Badalotti, Brian Storm and Pam Huling; to Ken Saenz at Booz Allen Hamilton.