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MARC Frequency of Issue Term List

List identifier: marcfrequency

Term List

Source: This list was compiled from a controlled list in the MARC 21 Holdings Format for Bibliographic Data used in MARC fields 853-855 (Caption and Pattern fields), subfield w (Frequency).

Continuously updated

Semiweekly - 2 times a week

Three times a week
- every 2 weeks
Three times a month
   - 2 times a month

Bimonthly - every 2 months
Three times a year

Semiannual - 2 times a year

Biennial - every 2 years
Triennial - every 3 years
Completely irregular

List Maintenance

The Library of Congress is the maintenance agency for this value list. Questions and requests for information should be sent to: Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress, 101 Independence Avenue, S.E., Washington, DC 20540-4402; Fax: +1-202-707-0115; Internet: ndmso@loc.gov. Requests for additions to the value list should include an explanation and justification.

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