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70X-75X - Index Term Fields-General Information

MARC 21 Classification
October 2002

"Full" documentation refers to the MARC 21 Format for Classification Data that contains detailed descriptions of every data element, along with examples, input conventions and history sections.

"Concise" documentation refers to the MARC 21 Concise Format for Classification Data that contains abridged descriptions of every data element, along with examples.

700 - Index Term - Personal Name (R) Full | Concise
710 - Index Term - Corporate Name (R) Full | Concise
711 - Index Term - Meeting Name (R) Full | Concise
720 - Index Term - Uncontrolled Name (R) Full | Concise
730 - Index Term - Uniform Title (R) Full | Concise
748 - Index Term - Chronological (R) Full | Concise
750 - Index Term - Topical (R) Full | Concise
751 - Index Term - Geographic Name (R) Full | Concise
753 - Index Term - Uncontrolled (R) Full | Concise
754 - Index Term - Faceted Topical Terms (R) Full | Concise


Controlled subject access terms that supplement terms contained in data in the MARC record and provide subject access and links to the classification number or number span in field 153 (Classification Number).

These fields contain established subject access terms from the subject heading systems and thesauri identified in the second indicator (Subject heading system/thesaurus) or in subfield ‡2 (Source of heading or term) and Field 754 contains a topical subject constructed from a faceted vocabulary. Field 753 (Index Term-Uncontrolled) contains uncontrolled index terms, which provide additional access terms, references between terms, and vocabulary control.

For fields 700-751 and 754, guidelines for applying content designators and input conventions are generally not provided in this document. These fields parallel the subject added entry fields, 600-651, and 654 in the bibliographic format. Complete guidelines for using these fields are provided in the MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data: fields X00-X30, 600-651, and 654.


Field 748 - Index Term - Chronological [NEW, 2002]

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