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Term and Code List for RDA Media Types

This list contains Resource Description and Access (RDA) terms and corresponding one-character lower case alphabetic codes for RDA Media types. These types can be recorded in MARC Bibliographic and Holdings records in textual form and/or in the one-character coded form in MARC field 337 (Media Type). They may also be recorded, sometimes in a more granular and sometimes in a more general form, with one-character codes in MARC 007/00 (Category of material), in most cases. In the following, the one-character codes and terms for field 337, subfields $b and $a, respectively, are listed along with the corresponding 007 codes.

The source code for this list in field 337 $2 (Source) is rdamedia.

RDA media terms -337 $a MARC codes for RDA terms - 337 $b MARC media codes - 007/00
audio s s - sound recording
computer c c - electronic resource
microform h h - microform
microscopic p  
projected g g - projected graphic
m - motion picture
stereographic e  
unmediated n t - text
k - non-projected graphic
video v v - videorecording
other x z - unspecified
unspecified z z - unspecified
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