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Info URIs for SRU

About the 'info' identifier scheme (via Standard Disclaimer for External Links)

SRU defines a number of object classes; objects are identified by URIs. Some identifiers are 'http:' URIs, others are 'info:' URIs. (There are various authorities assigning these URIs and there is no specific rule prescribing what URI scheme is to be used; the authority that defines a URI decides which scheme.) This page describes 'info:' URIs for SRU.

Syntax of an SRU 'info' URI

An SRW 'info:' URI is of the form

"info:srw/<object type>/<authority>/<identifier>"

Object Types

<object type> is a string, from the first column in the following table (which may be extended):

Object-type String Usage Example
cql-context-set CQL context sets info:srw/cql-context-set/1/dc- v1.1
schema record schemas info:srw/schema/2/rec-1.0
profile profiles info:srw/profile/1/base-profile- v1.1
extension extensions info:srw/extension/2/schema- negotiation-v1.0
diagnostic diagnostics info:srw/diagnostic/1/1
xmlns XML Namespaces info:srw/xmlns/1/sru-2-0
action Record Update Actions info:srw/action/1/create
vocabulary controlled vocabulary for parameters and values in SRU and CQL. info:srw/vocabulary/resultCountPrecision/1/exact


<authority> is a string assigned by the SRU Maintenance Agency to an SRW ''info:' sub-authority. Currently the following are assigned:

Authority String Organization/Class Representative
SRU Maintenance Agency Ray Denenberg
University of Liverpool Rob Sanderson
Oxford Matthew Dovey
Koninklijke Bibliotheek Theo Van Veen
OCLC PICA Janifer Gatenby
Adlib | Information Systems Hedzer Westra
JSA/INSTAC/AIDOS [1] Yushi Komachi
Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Firenze Giovanni Bergamin
Danish National Library Authority Leif Andresen
Digital Library Production Service, University of
Perry Willett

or contact:

PRISM Tony Hammond
Record Update Janifer Gatenby
Intrallect Sarah Currier
GILS Eliot Christian
Norwegian Z39.50 Interest Group (NorZIG) Tor Arne Dahl
NPO Japan Medical Abstract Society Toshinori Kurosawa

[1] Japanese Standard Association/Information Technology Research and Standardization Center/Committee for Advanced Integrated Documents Standardization