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Business Plan 2003
Appendix 8

Overview of Estimated Costs for Transition to a Digital Talking Book System

Note: The approximations given below are provided to show the relative magnitude of the costs and the time over which they are likely to be incurred. Key information to support accurate estimates will be developed over the next 18 months, as a detailed study of the transition process is completed, the player design project proceeds to the point where more reliable projections of player cost can be prepared, and the delivery medium is selected and media costs obtained.

FY Task Quantity Current
Budget Base
Total Cost
04 Player/Media Design   $1M   $1M
05 Player/Media Design   $1M $1M $2M
05 Analog to Digital Conversion 3K   $0.5M $0.5M
06 Player/Media Design   $1M $1M $2M
06 Analog to Digital Conversion 3K   $0.5M $0.5M
07 Analog to Digital Conversion 3K   $0.5M $0.5M
07 Player Production 60K $12M   $12M
07 Media Production (Cartridges) 1M   $10M $10M
07 Media Duplication 1M $2M   $2M
08 Player Production 120K $12M $12M $24M
08 Media Production (Cartridges) 1M   $10M $10M
08 Media Duplication 1M $2M   $2M
09 Player Production 120K $12M $12M $24M
09 Media Production (Cartridges) 1M   $10M $10M
10 Player Production 120K $12M $12M $24M
10 Media Production (Cartridges) 1M   $10M $10M
11 Player Production 60K $12M   $12M
Total New Money $79.5M  

Player Production assumes $200 per player

Media Production assumes a $10 cartridge.

Media Duplication assumes $2 per copy, including labeling and packaging.


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Posted on 2011-01-10