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Cassette Player Operating Instructions

Link to instructions on operating the cassette player.


Battery Care

All cassette players and 220-volt record players operate through a rechargeable battery. The battery charges whenever the machine is plugged in, whether you are using it or not. When you first receive your player, you must let it charge overnight before using it. Use your equipment plugged in for reading at home. Complete discharge and recharge of the battery can extend its life. Once a month, charge the machine overnight, and then read with it unplugged until the charge is exhausted. Then leave the machine plugged in eight to ten hours, or overnight, and resume reading with the machine plugged in.

Possible Equipment Problems

  1. If you hear garbled sounds from your cassette player, try playing all four tracks of a few cassettes to be certain that there is nothing wrong with the cassettes. If that garbled sound persists, the cassette player may need repairs, and you should immediately write to us requesting a new machine. You may return the faulty machine to us as free matter at your convenience.
  2. Sometimes a cassette will not play. Rapping the cassette flat against a table top or other flat surface can loosen the tape and allow you to enjoy the book. Simply rap it sharply twice on each side. Then try the cassette again. If it still does not play, try fast forward and rewind. If you machine will not play that cassette but will play other cassettes, return the book and write to the overseas librarian to ask for another copy. If you machine will not play any cassette tapes, write to the overseas librarian and request a replacement machine.
  3. Sometimes the equipment may stop playing even after the battery is charged. In that case, the battery may need replacing. You can request a new battery immediately from the overseas librarian, or you can ask for a replacement machine.
  4. When your record player does not sound clear, you may need to change the needle. The needle cartridge on your record player has a needle on each side. You can change the side of the cartridge by simply rotating the cartridge holder through 180 degrees from the left to the right side or vice versa. If that does not improve the quality of the sound, you may need a new record player or a new cartridge. Write to the overseas librarian to request a replacement cartridge or a replacement machine.
  5. The foam turntable pad on your record player might disintegrate after long use. You can request a replacement pad from the overseas librarian.

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Posted on 2010-08-25