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Patron Handbook, Registration and Communication

Registration Procedures

Eligible applicants may use the regular NLS application form to apply for service. As soon as the application and the required documents are received, NLS initiates service by sending the appropriate materials. Readers who want recorded books receive a free suscription to Talking Book Topics (TBT) in large print, unless they request it on flexible disc or on cassette. Readers who read braille receive a subscription to Braille Book Review in braille. These bimonthly publications announce new books added to the collection. Braille Book Review also contains brief descriptions of books listed in Talking Book Topics. When requesting books, use the order forms contained in these magazines. Send the order forms to:

Overseas Librarian
Library of Congress
National Library Service for the
Blind and Physically Handicapped
Washington, DC 20542


When there are problems with any aspect of the service, please contact the NLS overseas librarian at the address given above. Although materials are sent to you from producers at other addresses, always contact NLS about your service. Your Talking Book Topics and other magazines are sent by air mail, and books are sent by surface mail as free matter.

You may contact us by letter, by fax 202-707-0712, or by email using nlsoverseas@loc.gov.

Suspension of Service

When you move back to the United States, please inform us immediately and send your new address. NLS transfers your service to the library that serves your new address. If you no longer need our service, please write to us.

When we suspend service, we cancel all magazines subscriptions, stop mailing books, and send you labels for returning equipment. Some additional issues of magazines and copies of books may still reach your address; please discard the magazines and return the books.

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Posted on 2010-08-25