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NLS Services to American Citizens Abroad

Services Available

Book Selection Using Our Publications

If you do not find enough titles that interest you in the bimonthly magazines, Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Reivew, contact the overseas librarian and ask for catalogs. These published catalogs list books produced in prior years. If there are authors or subjects of special interest, contact the overseas librarian who will mail you a computer listing you can use to select books. If you prefer, we can select books for you. In that case, we will follow your reading interests as indicated on your application form.

Book Selection Using Our Computer Catalog

Audio and braille produced by NLS/BPH and other organizations throughout the world are listed in our international union catalog. There is a link at the top of each in our web site that will take you to a page for searching the catalog. We do not have an automated method for you to directly order books from a computer catalog search. You can include a list in an e-mail to the overseas librarian.

Book Circulation

Books are mailed to you at regular intervals. The number of books and the frequency of mailings will vary according to your stated preference. If you do not indicate how many books you want, we will mail four per month. You may keep books as long as you need, but please return them when you have finished. Reverse the mail card, exposing the NLS address, and put the books back into the mail.


NLS supplies magazines in braille and cassette formats. Most of them are listed in Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Review. In addition, we can send you a list of other magazines available through the NLS network. Magazines are sent by air-mail. Please do not return the magazines.

Reference Service

We provide information relating to visual and physical disabilities in large print and braille formats. This includes information about assistive devices, referrals to other agencies, tips for travelers with disabilities, and many other topics. Visit the Reference area of our site for descriptions and links to online resources. Let us know if you have specific questions we can help answer by sending a request to nlsref@loc.gov.


Music scores and instructional materials in audio and braille formats are available free directly from the NLS Music Section. Send a message to nlsm@loc.gov to inquire about materials you may need.

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Posted on 2010-10-04