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Development of Life Cycle Cost Model for DTBs

Final report : April 2, 2007

Section 4 - LCC Model Output for Baseline and Alternative Systems

4.1 Update of LCC Model

The values for the 101 data Elements from the source data workbooks described in Sections 2 and 3 for the Baseline and Alternative systems, respectively, were input to the LCC model "NLSLCC2.xls" provided to ManTech by NLS. This model was renamed "LCC FY2005 RC Baseline, Flash Mass Duplication Alternative, April 2007.xls", which is attached as an Excel file. Output reports, in the form of both tables and graphs, were then generated by the model and printed.

The only modification that ManTech made to the inner-workings of the model itself was to change the Named Range "StartYear" value from "2000" to "2005." This change enabled the model to print both the tables and graphs displaying a timeline of 2005–2014 rather than 2000–2009. NLS had specifically requested that this change be made.

4.2 LCC Model Output Tables and Charts

All tables and charts generated by the LCC model are contained in Appendices C of the report.

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Posted on 2007-09-27