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  • Tips 4 Mom and Mom 2b
    Tips 4 Mom and Mom 2b

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    Expecting a baby?

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Text4baby Tips

  • Tips1

    Even if U feel great, a pregnant woman needs checkups with a Dr./midwife (CNM/CM). For help with costs, call 800-311-2229.

  • Tips2

    Don't start a new medicine or stop your current medicine unless your Dr. tells U to. Info on over-the-counter & prescription medicine: 866-626-6847.

  • Tips3

    Some women may spot or bleed in early pregnancy. If you have any bleeding, it's always best to call your doctor or midwife (CNM/CM).

  • Tips4

    Running to the bathroom a lot? It’s normal. But if your urine smells bad, has blood, or if it hurts when you go, you could have a UTI. Call the Dr.

  • Tips5

    Women who smoke have a higher risk of losing their baby or having a child with breathing & learning problems. Call 800-784-8669 for info on quitting.

  • Tips6

    Your baby is growing a lot! Baby is now the size of a lime & can open its mouth & move its tiny hands.

  • Tips7

    A pregnant woman only needs about 300 extra calories each day. A 300 calorie snack is 1 cup of low-fat milk with 1 banana & 1 egg.

  • Tips8

    Here’s another reason for you to get the flu shot. It helps protect your baby from flu after birth for 6 months. Questions? Call CDC at 800-232-4636.

  • Tips9

    Get a crib to keep your baby safe while he sleeps. The safest way for baby to sleep is on his back in a crib near your bed (within arm's reach).

  • Tips10

    If you have any bleeding during the 2nd or 3rd trimester, call your doctor or midwife (CNM/CM) right away.

  • Tips11

    If you have any signs of preterm labor--cramps, belly tightening, low back pain, bleeding, or watery, pink/brown discharge--call your Dr. right away.

  • Tips12

    If you eat deli meat & hot dogs, cook them until they’re steaming hot. Heating can kill germs that could harm you or your baby.

  • Tips13

    Can’t sleep? Lie on your side. Put pillows between your knees, under your belly and behind your back. This should give you extra support.

  • Tips14

    A seat belt protects you & your baby. Shoulder belt goes between your breasts & lap strap goes under your belly (not on or above). Wear it every time.

  • Tips15

    Counting down the days until your due date? These last weeks are worth the wait -- your baby’s brain and organs are still developing.

  • Tips16

    It's time for baby's 1-month Dr.'s visit. Your baby had blood tests right after she was born. At this visit, ask your Dr. for the results. 

  • Tips17

    When you have contractions, your belly tightens & feels like a menstrual cramp that gets stronger & stronger. Think you're in labor? Call your doctor!

  • Tips18

    Are you breastfeeding, Mom? Great job! Breast milk is the best food for your baby. Questions? Call the National Breastfeeding Helpline at 800-994-9662.

  • Tips19

    Not sure if your car seat is installed right? Get it inspected. Department of Transportation can help. Call 888-327-4236 for locations near you.

  • Tips20

    If you’re anxious, depressed or feeling hopeless & don’t know where to turn, call Postpartum Support Int’l at 800-944-4773 for help & support.

  • Tips21

    Holding, talking, reading & singing to your baby help her learn. Soon your baby will coo, babble, hum & laugh back!

  • Tips22

    Breaking news! The American Academy of Pediatrics announced new car seat guidelines. Kids should now ride in rear-facing car safety seats until AGE 2.

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