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Learning Ally (formerly RFB&D) and Bookshare listings in the Union Catalog are seriously out of date. Please consult their separate catalogs for up-to-date search results.

General Help

Search terms can be single words or phrases. Do not omit words in a phrase. Use Lord of the Rings, not Lord Rings. Try using shorter searches, if you are getting no results. Use the question mark to truncate words.

Information on ordering books is available.

Examples of Author Searches

Use for searching authors, narrators, editors, etc. Examples:

return to author

Examples of Title Searches

Use for searching titles, titles in contents notes, and series titles. Examples:

return to title

Examples of Keyword Searches

Use for searching anywhere in record: names, subjects, notes, annotation, etc. Examples:

return to keyword

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Posted 2011-08-30